Bison Gear Celebrates 20th anniversary

  • May 07, 2007
  • Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.
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St. Charles, IL - May 7, 2007 - Bison Gear and Engineering Corp.'s future shines brightly this month. Twenty years ago this month, CEO, Ron Bullock, purchased Bison Gear and has worked to consistently expand its size, scope and mission to become a world class gearmotor, electric motor and gear reducer manufacturer. Since 1987, Bison has tripled employment and increased sales sevenfold. Bison is also celebrating its 10 year anniversary in its custom built, state-of-the art manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in St. Charles, IL. The St. Charles facility has given Bison Gear the opportunity to combine R&D and Bison Electric's DC motor operations in house, in addition to adding AC motor production in 2006. The Bison facility encompasses enough land to almost double manufacturing space, which at its current growth rate is imminent. To express appreciation to the loyal and enthusiastic team of associates, customers and suppliers who have contributed to its success, Bison will host a "Celebrate the Past and Look Toward the Future" open house on Friday, May 25, 2007, from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Bison facility. About Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. With robust fractional horsepower gearmotor designs offering up to twice as much torque in the same package size as competitors, Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. continues to grow upon a strong engineering tradition begun in 1960. Bison designs and produces gearmotors in parallel shaft and right angle configurations, as well as AC and DC motors only, for OEMs worldwide who demand the best long-lifetime value. Learn More

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