COPALP enhances STRATON CANOpen Software

  • April 27, 2007
  • News
STRATON Workbench SR6-2 now integrates a CAN & CANopen fieldbus configurator as a standard feature.April 27, 2007 - The CAN protocol is an international standard. Based on this standard several protocols are available on the market some are standardize like CANopen and other are proprietary. COPALP through this new configuration tool wants to provide to its customer an open standard tool to configure all these protocols. Features include:STRATON CAN configuration tool STRATON contains a new fieldbus configuration tool for CAN protocols. The CAN bus version 2.0A (11 bit header) and 2.0B (29 bit header) are supported. Several CAN networks can be con!gurate using this tool and that over various CAN controllers. The CAN configuration tool give the possibilities to configure all the parameters of your CAN protocol. This feature is big advantage for users that use their proprietary CAN protocols.CANopen for STRATONAdditionally to this configuration tool STRATON includes a wizard that help you creating your CANopen configuration. In a very easy way you could configure your CANopen networks through configuration only: No programming is required.CAN EmulatorThe STRATON Workbench includes in the simulation mode a CAN Emulator. This tool is perfect to debug your applications and the tunning of your CAN components. Display the CAN frame with the parameters. Some CAN messages could be entered through the edit box and sent to STRATON. CAN in STRATON RuntimeThe STRATON T5 runtime includes a fully integrated CAN bus driver to manage CAN messaging in your applications. A CAN bus analyser is available in the STRATON T5 runtime to give you in an easy way the possibilities to spy the message processing. This driver is available for all STRATON runtime from embedded platform up to Soft-PLC.A driver is available for the USB-CAN adapter from GridConnect. The STRATON@CHIP Software Development Kit for the Beck IPC@CHIP supports as a standard the CAN Bus Driver and the con!guration tool. Learn More

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