Kepware supplies OPC server to TriA Solutions

  • February 25, 2007
  • Kepware
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Portland, ME -- February 26, 2007 -- Portland, Maine; Kepware Technologies announces an OEM partner agreement where Kepware’s KEPServerEX suite will be used to supply device connectivity for TriA Solution’s A3 Core for applications in the Critical Power markets. With the KEPServerEX OPC server and plug-in device driver suite embedded in TriA’s A3 Core, the agreement adds new connectivity capabilities to TriA’s Power solution. This extends the companies' market penetration, and opens the door for KEPServerEX to be used in additional markets including the growing Critical Power and Distributed Generation markets.TriA Solutions LLC, a provider of enterprise wide monitoring and testing solutions, continues to expand third party relationships with industry service providers to co-deliver power monitoring and testing management solutions in North America. "We look to a long and rewarding relationship with Kepware, allowing us to focus on the core value of our products while relying on the top industry provider for connectivity," said Edward Kubiak, TriA Solutions LLC’s CEO. "The combination of our A3 Core and Kepware’s extensive list of connectivity puts us in a commanding position to help our customers acquire, analyze, and act on their asset data through the use of web-based technologies with real-time functionality, whether on-site or remote. Our TriA Power product can help customers manage critical power assets and processes across their organizations, enjoy up-to-the-second visibility into critical power assets, and closely monitor key performance."Kepware’s OPC server suite has been a core component for industrial connectivity solutions since 1998, providing a consistent and scalable architecture for customers to integrate large volumes of data from multiple disparate sources. With KEPServerEX embedded in their A3 Core, TriA’s Power product is able to extract and validate data across an extended asset pool for consistent data views. KEPServerEX’s real-time functionality extends these capabilities to include the capture, transformation and bi-directional integration of data in real time to enable monitoring and decision-making. According to Mark Hensley, President of Kepware, "Collaboration with TriA Solutions and other leading suppliers in specific horizontal markets such as critical power, enables Kepware to continue to invest in our core technologies while servicing the broader needs of our customers. It also demonstrates how more and more companies are interested in standardizing on a single supplier for their device connectivity needs, so they can focus on their core competencies, in TriA’s case, solutions for critical power and distributed generation applications."ABOUT TriA Solutions LLC: TriA Solutions is a global software company focused on Data management solutions. Through strategic alignment, sophisticated products, and intelligent market solutions, we provide products to help ensure vertical market application success. Our experience brings top-level products to our respective markets. Through the development of our A3 Core and specific vertical market applications based on the A3 Core, we supply our customers with robust solutions to real world business needs. ABOUT Kepware Technologies: Kepware specializes in OPC and device-communication technologies for the industrial automation market. With over 10 years of steady progress, Kepware Technologies has become a trusted source of genuine connectivity products based on open standards. We are an active member of the OPC Foundation and we are committed to its goal of ensuring interoperability in automation. Every day, customers worldwide rely on Kepware products and experience for the connectivity needs of their industrial applications. Our KEPServerEX product suite is a single OPC server with over 100 available plug-in device drivers for a wide variety of PLCs, databases, and systems. KEPServerEX has become the industrial connectivity standard for automation professionals around the globe. Learn More

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