Using Industrial Wireless Ethernet in Mining Systems

  • January 25, 2007
  • Case Study
The traditional way of setting up a mining system is to use standalone PLC systems for diagnostics, fault finding, and modifications. However, when the system has problems, technicians must connect directly to the PLC via a short distance serial link to troubleshoot and solve problems. This kind of onsite maintenance, particularly for mines, takes quite a bit of time and costs a lot of money.A better method of setting up the mine system uses a combination of AWK-1100 (Moxa's new wireless AP/Bridge/AP Client) and an industrial Ethernet switch (e.g., MOXA EDS-405). As shown in the figure, a combination of one switch and wireless AP are used at each end of the connection. At the device end, PLCs connect to vent fans used for underground ventilation, and other PLCs connect to the truck loading facility.The PLCs connect to the switch, which connects to an AWK-1100 wireless AP. Another switch/AP combination is used at the control end of the system. Since the two APs can communicate with each other, a direct connection is established between the outside LAN and devices inside the mine. Learn More

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