ADVANCED Motion Controls donates 158 drives to universities

  • December 19, 2007
  • ADVANCED Motion Controls
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December 19, 2007 - ADVANCED Motion Controls' 'Servo Drives 101' design contest donated equipment for the purpose of advancing motion control knowledge as provided by educational institutions located throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. At the conclusion of the contest, 158 drives were awarded toward 27 different projects at 19 institutions totaling over $40,000.00 in donations for servo drives and amplifiers. While the 'Servo Drives 101' contest has concluded, the spirit of the program remains and free servo drives will be offered on the Free Drives list within the University Outreach program. Availability is continuously updated and those in academia visiting the site when needing servo drives may result in receiving free hardware. In the event there are urgent needs not immediately met by products on that list, ADVANCED Motion Controls will do whatever possible to apply significant discounts toward requests on other offered products.University Outreach from ADVANCED Motion Controls has established itself to be one of the best resources for motor controlling drives. At more than 100 different academic institutions and counting, ADVANCED Motion Controls is providing motion control solutions for everything from straightforward, individual projects to revolutionary and progressive research topics. Solid performance and furthering the educational experience are just some of our objectives. Students, student groups, school club members, laboratory personnel, professors, academic researchers, etc. are encouraged to submit requests. Qualifications are simple proof of responsibility for utilizing servo drives to increase the understanding of motion control technologies or by showing an application need for servo drives in coursework or related research projects.Engineering universities and technical schools are tasked with educating students by emphasizing on theory as the main provision and background for their future. Given the amount of technology to retain, preparing them for the real world can certainly be a challenge. ADVANCED Motion Controls has taken proactive steps to assist the control theory and motion control knowledge whenever possible. As we know, automation in many forms has become a major factor in today's factories, processes, systems, machinery and equipment. Applying the basics of physics, mathematics, mechanics and electronics are key to not only proving out theories but also putting them to practice. This program is designed to allow entrants to acquire hardware free of charge toward this pursuit. Proving out motion control concepts can take an inordinate amount of resources. Therefore, eliminating some of the financial burdens through 'University Outreach' can help to reduce this overall challenge.ADVANCED Motion Controls is proud to support the needs of education and continues to be a resource even beyond this contest. Learn More

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