Animatics Corp. acquires Harmonic Linear Drive (HLD) LTD

  • December 12, 2007
  • Animatics Corporation
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December 12, 2007- Animatics, Pioneers of the Fully Integrated Servo, or “SmartMotor” has acquired United Kingdom based Harmonic Linear Drive LTD. “When we discovered the HLD technology, we had to buy the company” says Robert Bigler, Animatics’ CEO, further commenting: “The HLD belongs with the SmartMotor”.The Harmonic Linear Drive, or “HLD”, is a traditional linear belt actuator that circulates the belt in a unique way. This circulation technique, with patents applied for in 31 countries, yields substantial gear reduction inherently, without the need of a gearhead, or the cost. Using the Harmonic Principle, this reduction is accomplished without introducing backlash, and the reduction is also resistant to back-drive, further eliminating the need and cost of a brake in most vertical applications. Bigler notes, “It delivers Ball Screw performance at a Belt Drive price, and with no practical length constraint”. HLD units can be delivered several meters in length.Jim Hawkins, President of Animatics states “The elimination of so many components and their costs make the HLD a natural extension to the SmartMotor The further elimination of the Gearhead and Brake costs put our customers even further in front of their competition by getting them to market faster and with a lower engineering AND manufactured cost”.Previously sold only in the United Kingdom, this consolidation will make the HLD available globally, through Animatics other offices in Europe, Asia and the United States. The HLD units are manufactured in multiple grades ranging from low-cost rollers to dual profile rails for maximum moment loading. Financial terms of the acquisition are not disclosed.While the manufacturing sector is still in the doldrums, Animatics and other Integrated Motor manufacturers continue to be fast growing because the technology of combining the controller, amplifier and motor has won global acceptance. Machine builders are now permitting themselves to enjoy the many benefits like faster development times and the dramatically improved reliability inherent to systems with reduced component counts. The SmartMotor-HLD union delivers a linear actuator without the cost and failure modes related to separate controller, amplifier, gearhead and brake, as well as all of the associated cables. In addition to being dramatically lower in cost, the resulting actuator is smaller, faster and far more reliable than more traditional solutions. About Animatics Corp.Animatics Corporation is the world leader in integrated motion control.Animatics is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and designs, manufacturers, and markets motion control products for industries ranging from semiconductor, nuclear, automotive and machine tool to traditional industries such as CNC. Learn More

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