ASI releases Industrial Labeling System catalog

  • September 25, 2007
  • Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. (ASI)
  • News
September 25, 2007 - Carlisle, Pa - Automation Systems Interconnect released a comprehensive Industrial Printing and Labeling Systems catalog. The catalog features 3 unique printing and labeling systems for use in all types of industrial applications. A printing and labeling system now exists for printing terminal block labels, wire markers, cable tags, switch and pilot light name plates, equipment labels, component labels and many other types of identification applications.Included in this catalog is information on the MARKINGenius, the Rolly 1000, the EZ Mark plotter system, the system accessories and the printing media. The MARKINGenius is a patented thermo print system that will do all types of flexible and rigid material and labels. It prints at a speed up to 15 times faster than a plotter system and can even print in over 4,000 colors using a maintenance free thermo print process. The customer can also print logos and drawings, a feature that is very convenient when printing equipment labels.The Rolly 1000, which is also included in this catalog is a very high speed printer that prints low-cost labels that are in a reel format, such as wire markers. The Rolly 1000 can print over 1000 wire marker tags in less than two minutes and also prints with a high quality resolution of 300 dpi.Also in this catalog is the very popular low-cost plotter system, the EZ Mark industrial printing system. Customers who have used this system have made positive comments about the ease of use software, the wide range of labels that can be printed and the overall low-cost of operation especially for low volume projects. In order to help the customer decide which system is right for their application the catalog has detailed information showing the features and capabilities of each system. You can receive a free copy of this catalog by calling ASI toll-free at 877-650-5160. Learn More

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