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  • July 11, 2007
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Windsor, CT July 11, 2007 - Bloomy Controls announced the availability of The LabVIEW Style Book from Prentice Hall Professional, a comprehensive reference on recommended development practices for the National Instruments LabVIEW graphical programming language. The LabVIEW Style Book contains critical insight and style rules designed to optimize the ease of use, efficiency, readability, maintainability, reliability, simplicity, and performance of LabVIEW applications. The book is written by Peter A. Blume, President of Bloomy Controls, and published by Prentice Hall Professional, a technical imprint of Pearson Education. The LabVIEW Style Book is designed for developers, managers, and organizations that develop or use LabVIEW software. It provides thorough explanations of hundreds of practical rules that help increase quality and reduce development time and effort in real-world applications. The book includes examples of efficient and inefficient source code, as well as hundreds of illustrations that define best engineering practices for LabVIEW developers. The material leverages the work of the early pioneers in the LabVIEW community. It has evolved over the years through the hands-on experience of the world-class LabVIEW development team at Bloomy Controls and has been reviewed by leaders in the LabVIEW community. "Good development style is not merely a matter of personal preference," stated Jeff Kodosky, inventor of LabVIEW and Business and Technology Fellow at National Instruments. "Some styles lend themselves to better performance, to source code that is easier to read and maintain, and to applications that are more reliable and robust. The LabVIEW Style Book is the definitive guide to best practices in LabVIEW development." "Good development style, as opposed to spaghetti code, might require more planning and attention to detail, but the quality of the software is much higher and you save significant time and effort over the course of the application¹s life cycle," stated Peter Blume. "This book also helps reduce the training and support burdens within organizations. When these design principles are employed, they will ensure quality and consistency in the end product and help satisfy industry quality standards." About Peter BlumePeter A. Blume is Founder and President of Bloomy Controls, Inc., a Select National Instruments Alliance Partner that specializes in LabVIEW-based systems development. Since LabVIEW Version 2.5, first released in 1992, Blume and his staff of engineers have created more than one thousand data acquisition and control applications for engineering and manufacturing firms throughout the northeastern US. Blume has taught more than 100 LabVIEW courses and seminars, and is the author of Bloomy Controls' LabVIEW development guidelines. Companion Web Site and Review CopiesThe LabVIEW Style Book by Peter A. Blume is published by Prentice Hall Professional and available through major book retailers, including The book retails for $89 US and $111 Canada. A sample chapter, software downloads, and training discounts are available at the companion web site: Bloomy ControlsBloomy Controls, Inc., headquartered in Windsor, CT, is a leading developer of high performance automated test, data acquisition, and control systems.The company is a National Instruments Select Integration Partner with more than 15 years of experience developing LabVIEW applications for a wide range of R&D, validation, and manufacturing applications. Bloomy Controls works with manufacturers in the aerospace, communications, electronics, energy, and life science industries, including United Technologies, IBM, Philips, and Raytheon. LabVIEW and the LabVIEW logo are trademarks of National Instruments Corporation (NI) and are used under license from NI. The LabVIEW Style Book is not an official publication of NI. NI assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of this book. Learn More

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