Curvaceous Software appoints Middle East rep

  • July 26, 2007
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July 26, 2007 - Curvaceous Software Ltd appointed Kuwait-based Gulf Lead Consultants as Agents. Gulf Lead Consultants will familiarise the Middle East with Geometric Process Control (GPC) technology. Gulf Lead Consultants (GLC) have been industrial and management consultants to the process industry in the Middle East for over two decades. GPC is already in use by over 100 blue-chip companies in Europe and North America who find its innovative methods are delivering a steady stream of process efficiency improvements. The strength of GPC technology lies in the ease of extracting valuable process information from the process histories that people already have. GPC was introduced to the Middle East at a seminar hosted in the Process Industry Research Centre in Kuwait and attended by delegates from many companies. There is considerable interest already shown both at the seminar and in following meetings. Dr Tariq Aldowaisan, Managing Director, Gulf Lead Consultants speaking on the occasion said, 'the process industry in the Middle East has always been on the lookout for innovative tools that will increase efficiency and we believe that GPC tools will capture the imagination of process engineers and managers alike very easily. There is nothing out there that makes process improvement and optimisation as easy as the GPC tools do’. Dr Robin Brooks, Managing Director, Curvaceous Software Ltd is also very excited with possibilities from the new market. 'We always knew what GPC can do for the process industry and we are pleased that a lot of processes in the European market are already reaping benefits of the technology. We have clients from various industry sectors including major corporations in the oil and gas industry’. Curvaceous Software holds patents centred around the novel Geometric Process Control (GPC) technology for process improvement, control and optimisation. A patent has recently been granted for a radical procedure that makes drilling oil wells easier and much more efficient than what is prevalent in the industry right now. Dr Brooks says ‘it is great to see that several companies in Europe and the new market are eager to put GPC in practice both to improve process efficiency and raise the benchmarks that were set using the conventional methods.'Geometric Process Control technology has won several innovation awards from prestigious professional bodies such as European Process Safety Centre (EPSC), the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), the Chemical Industry Association (CIA) and most recently The Institute of Engineering and Technology. Learn More

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