Harvard Apparatus sample pump maintains ISO 9000, GLP or GMP compliance

  • September 22, 2007
  • News
September 22, 2007 - The most widely used pump for Mass Spectrometry is the Harvard Apparatus Model 11 Plus. Harvard Apparatus makes other models that are also suitable for this application. Applications include Calibration Solution Delivery. Not only can the user deliver samples automatically, they can also deliver a calibration solution automatically every hour, every day or every week. This feature may be important so that the user can maintain ISO 9000, GLP or GMP compliance.A second application is Matrix Delivery. Harvard Apparatus pumps are the ideal choice for matrix delivery needs. When preparing a sample for injection into the mass spec system it is crucial that the correct amount of matrix is added to the sample. These pumps can precisely deliver the small amount of matrix needed so that the Maldi-TOF mixture is exactly what is required.A third application is ESI Sample Introduction. Smooth accurate flow of large volumes make the Harvard Apparatus pumps perfect for sample introduction to ESI. The pumps have minimal baseline noise, high accuracy and precision.Harvard Apparatus is a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative and specialized products to enhance bioresearch. Learn More

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