Hydraulic Pitch Drives for Wind Energy Turbines

  • August 03, 2007
  • Bosch Rexroth
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August 3, 2007 - Bethlehem, PA - Hydraulic pitch drives from Bosch Rexroth help maximize the value of wind energy by enabling turbines to shift automatically with changes in wind velocity. As the wind grows stronger, the hydraulic pitch drives actively turn the rotor blades away from the wind so that the turbine can continue to generate the nominal output. In the event of storm or gusting wind conditions, the pitch drives can automatically secure the wind turbine, by bringing the rotor blades to the neutral position for safety. Wind turbine pitch drives significantly reduce the forces that act on the basic structure and the mechanics of the wind turbine, protecting it from damage, excess wear and tear, and generator malfunction. In addition, low-maintenance Rexroth pitch drive technology lets wind energy plant operators control the output of wind turbine farms and flexibly adapt to changing power grid demand.Wind turbine pitch drives are built from a combination of advanced, intelligent Bosch Rexroth hydraulics, expertly integrated to meet the unique operating conditions of wind power generation. Advanced proportional valves control the hydraulic actuators, with communication between the turbine and the intelligent proportional valves occurring through current or voltage interface or directly via field bus. Hydraulic pressure is provided by AA10VSO axial piston pumps with pressure controllers. Bladder-type accumulators developed specifically for wind turbine generators store sufficient energy for an emergency operation of the pitch control and operate with high reliability - even at extremely low temperatures. The hydraulic control block is the central drive element and integrates all components in a compact, modular assembly. The entire pitch drive undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimum lifecycle performance.Bosch Rexroth engineers support wind turbine manufacturers all over the world in the engineering and dimensioning of pitch drives with modern simulation techniques and application expertise. Apart from standard systems and custom solutions, Bosch Rexroth offers a wide range of large-series components of all sizes that meet all regional standards and regulations. Bosch Rexroth AG, part of the Bosch Group, achieved sales of approximately $6.2 billion (4.9 billion Euro) in 2006 with over 29,800 employees. Under the brand name of Rexroth the company offers all drive and control technologies, from mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics to electronics and associated service. Over 500,000 customers worldwide utilize Rexroth’s unique technological know-how to implement their innovative and future-oriented systems and machine concepts. The global player, represented in over 80 countries, is an extensive supplier of components and systems for industrial and factory automation and mobile applications. Learn More

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