ICS Triplex supplies ISaGRAF for CSE-Semaphore's RTUs

  • June 11, 2007
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Montreal, Canada – June 11, 2007 – ICS Triplex ISaGRAF announced that its flagship product ISaGRAF is the software of choice for CSE-Semaphore’s new Kingfisher PLUS+™ series of Advanced RTUs. The Kingfisher PLUS+ Series fully embeds the ISaGRAF 5 control software environment, making it the first ever RTU to support both the IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 standards. The ability to apply the IEC 61499 standard is a powerful new feature that will change the way applications with multiple resources and projects are designed and managed. With ISaGRAF 5, Kingfisher PLUS+ RTU users have the ability to utilize the IEC 61499 standard to PLUS+ easily create distributed control applications.About ISaGRAF 5 ISaGRAF 5 is the world’s first commercially-available IEC 61499 automation software. It offers unparalleled functionality and benefits by incorporating both the IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 standards. Using ISaGRAF 5, any field device manufacturer has the ability to turn their equipment into an IEC 61499 product. For example, intelligent flow meters can act as a regulator and control a valve while being part of an integrated distributed control system.This revolutionary automation software has won several prestigious awards, including the Control Engineering Editor’s Choice Award, Mesures Magazine’s technology award for innovative products, and the Leonard Grand Prize in Innovation award at the Automation Optimation tradeshow in Paris.About the Kingfisher PLUS+ SeriesThe Kingfisher PLUS+ Series consists of the CP-30 processor module, Toolbox PLUS+ software, a broad range of I/O modules, and multiple PLUS+ communications options. The Kingfisher PLUS+™ Series boasts features such as 32 MB expanded memory, high-speed scanning of I/O signals, scalability with a broad range of I/O options, on-board Ethernet port, flexible communications options, and compliance with a wide-range of industry protocols, allowing users to connect to a variety of local devices. In addition to features that one would expect in most RTUs, the Kingfisher PLUS+ design enables a new level of customization by allowing users to simply plug in a wide range of modules into a backplane, also allowing for future growth.About IEC 61499 Developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), IEC 61499 presents guidelines for the use of function blocks to control and manage distributed industrial process, measurement and control systems. The IEC 61499 standard provides a number of significant benefits to distributed applications including:
  • the regulation of the flow of control decisions for an interacting distributed control system
  • providing for the consistency of data
  • providing a means to ensure synchronous operation between devices
  • eliminating the need to have separate synchronization schemes
  • easing the development and maintenance of robust control systemsIEC 61499 also has the ability to encapsulate automation functionality such that machine builders can create IEC 61499 function blocks for different components of the machine and only need to assemble them to achieve the desired operation. It provides the benefits of object-oriented programming in an environment accessible to automation engineers.About ICS Triplex ISaGRAFICS Triplex ISaGRAF, a privately-held company with offices in Canada, the U.S., and France, is the world’s leading automation software partner. The company’s flagship product ISaGRAF is fully compliant with both IEC 61499 and IEC 61131 industrial standards, as confirmed by TÜV Rheinland, and can be used to build a variety of automation products including embedded controllers, DCS, PLC, RTU, CNC and motion controllers. ISaGRAF sustains a high level of standardization, integration and communication within modern automation systems, resulting in high-end, real-time open control systems with crash-proof reliability, powerful performance and flexibility.ICS Triplex ISaGRAF is a subsidiary of UK-based ICS Triplex plc. Learn More

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