IEI develops RISC processor R&D team

  • December 10, 2007
  • IEI Integration Corp.
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December 10, 2007 - Taipei, Taiwan – The implementation of RISC processors is rapidly increasing. Increased demand for reliable low power, compact, yet versatile and robust systems in a wide range of applications are together driving the demand for RISC processor integration.RISC processors are low power and low cost alternatives to x86 processors. RISC processors enable the development of fanless and more compact systems. Windows CE 5.0 and Linux are reliable RISC platform operating systems that reduce the frequency of system crashes. RISC systems and devices are also able to withstand wide temperature ranges and are therefore easily implemented in high-temperature industrial applications.To meet the growing demand for RISC platforms, IEI Technology Corp. (IEI) has developed a RISC R&D team that develops diversified RISC products and customized RISC solutions. Some of the RISC products include RISC single board computers (SBC), RISC Computer-on-Modules (CoM), Panel-ready RISC PC and universal industrial RISC controllers.In September 2006 IEI launched the KAMIO series of ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) architecture plaforms with 520 MHz XScale processors. KAMIO platforms range from basic entry-level solutions to advanced solutions for complex applications. The single serial port on the KAMIO-CB01 and dual serial ports on the KAMIO-2701 are ideal for low data transmission applications. The five serial ports on the KAMIO-CB02 make it ideal for high-end applications. KAMIO platforms have already successfully been integrated into VOIP, multimedia player and ATM systems. IEI’s diversified RISC R&D team comprises both electronic and software engineers who are able to rapidly develop RISC turnkey solutions and reduce the customer’s system integration time and time to market. Providing a superior Modbus Client SDK (software development kit) and personalized assistance from the IEI RISC R&D team facilitates the rapid deployment of RISC turnkey solutions. A remote control management tool (RMT) and a HMI (human machine interface) designer for RISC turnkey solutions provide IEI customers with a competitive advantage in the RISC solution market. The RMT enables remote control functions on RISC systems and is already implemented on IEI’s RISC-based open HMI. The HMI Designer is a user-friendly software package that allows end users to customize the interactive functions themselves.The IEI RISC R&D team has over twenty experienced engineers and ARM, MIPS, SHx, Freescale and Xscale CPU developing experience. The R&D team also has extensive Windows CE, Linux and VxWorks development experience. The IEI RISC R&D team is dedicated to developing industrial embedded platforms and application-ready end products, especially for industrial communication and data collection applications including industrial Ethernet, industrial serial communication, WiFi, GPS, GPRS/GSM, RFID, CAN, Modbus, OPC server, and digital/analog input/output. Learn More

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