Japan to be Partner Country at Hannover Fair

  • October 19, 2007
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October 19, 2007 - Hannover. The deal will be sealed in Tokyo on 20 November, when Japan will become the official Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE 2008 (the Hannover Fair, running from 21 to 25 April next year). The invitation to a partnership came from a very high level, having been proposed to the Japanese government by German Chancellor Angela Merkel around six months ago. The cooperative arrangement is intended to benefit not just the two nations, but also HANNOVER MESSE as a whole. The focus of Japan's Partner Country presentation will be on research and development, industrial automation, robotics, energy, fuel cells, environmental technologies and micro- and nanotechnologies."Partner Country Japan add an extra shine to HANNOVER MESSE," says Wolfgang Pech, Deutsche Messe Vice-President with responsibility for HANNOVER MESSE. "No other nation in the world is as strongly associated with the notion of innovativeness as Japan. We are expecting a number of stimuli for the world market and productive information and knowledge sharing between the business and political communities from both countries."Japan will be presenting itself in Hannover as a high-tech nation par excellence. At the core of the Partner Country participation will be a Japanese pavilion measuring 1,600 square meters in Hall 2, placed squarely in the middle of the Research & Technology innovations market, thus underscoring the Japanese focus on cutting-edge technologies and awarding tangible expression to the official Partner Country slogan of "Cooperation Through Innovation." R&D are of enormous importance in Japan, which has the world's highest expenditure in this area. Japan's particular openness to new products has inspired foreign enterprises to use Japan as a test market, often outsourcing their product development divisions to that nation. The Japanese government concentrates its industrial policy on the burning technology issues of tomorrow, and in so doing, has positioned Japan as a leading actor on the world market.A further highlight will involve the German Japanese Business Summit, staged by the Federation of German Industries (BDI), at which leading lights from the world of business and government from both nations will engage in a dialogue. And Japanese participation is also planned for the WORLD ENERGY DIALOGUE. The topic of this international conference in 2008 will be innovative power plant technologies Objective: Expansion of bilateral trade relationsBoth the Japanese and German sides are expecting Japan's Partner Country participation to extend and deepen bilateral relations. The level of cooperation in research and technology is a particular target for an enhanced role. Here, HANNOVER MESSE assumes the role of a catalyst which will make it easier for countries from both countries to establish themselves in the respective national market. Japan und Deutschland are global drivers of industrial innovation and can go toe-to-toe with each other in this sphere. As the world's leading technology exhibition, HANNOVER MESSE provides a perfect platform for these objectives. Leading international figures from business, science and government traditionally come to Hannover to conduct talks and announce new ideas and policies. 95 percent of the HANNOVER MESSE audience consists of industry professionals, 30 percent of whom travel to Germany from abroad to attend the event. These decision-makers come to Hannover to get an overview of the current state of the market, discover new technology applications, generate new leads and initiate investments. As a veritable one-stop shop, HANNOVER MESSE 2008 will showcase the latest technology trends and developments in all key sectors of industry, all under the same roof. The major display categories are automation, energy technologies, industrial subcontracting and services, and cutting-edge technologies. The upcoming HANNOVER MESSE will comprise 10 individual, international flagship shows, occupying a total of around 165,000 square meters of space. The organizers are expecting some 5,000 exhibitors from a total of 70 different nations. Japan's Partner Country participation was preceded by that of Turkey (2007) and India (2006).Growth sectors in Japan Japan has 127.7 million inhabitants and is 377,900 square kilometers in size. With a gross domestic product (GDP) measuring USD 4.46 trillion, Japan is second only to the United States. This works out to a 9-percent share of the world's GDP. By comparison: Germany's share is 6 percent. Currently the Japanese economy is growing. Private investment has picked up again in the last few years, primarily in the manufacturing industries. The rate of unemployment is declining. Some of the strongest growth sectors in Japan include bio- and nanotechnology, information and communications technology and robotics. Learn More

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