KMA to Establish RFID development center

  • September 25, 2007
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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Sept. 25, 2007 -- KMA Global Solutions announced plans to create an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Development Center in its Mississauga, Ontario, Canada facility to advance RFID product research. This decision is based primarily on recent notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for allowance of KMA's patent application for its DUALTag product. KMA's RFID Development Center will be used to develop the specific product designs and production methodologies necessary to seamlessly and economically layer RFID capability onto the current Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) enabled source-tagging products KMA sells today. It is commonly expected that the large and growing number of retailers that currently use RFID in their supply chain, will transition to the use of RFID at the product unit level. Many of the goods that are expected to be targeted for unit-level RFID, currently require EAS protection to defend against theft, a great many of which are currently protected using KMA products. Jeffrey D. Reid, CEO of KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. said, "We have long felt that adding RFID-capability to our existing products would be the next progressive technological step in our product development plans. Our primary apparel protection product, NEXTag has enjoyed patent protection in most parts of the world for several years now, however we had been concentrating on achieving the same status for our principal packaged goods product, DUALTag, before advancing our RFID plans." He went on to say, "We included the added feature-set of RFID in combination with the existing Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) capability as a product configuration in the patents of both product lines, and now, with the DUALTag patent application issue drawing to a close, it is appropriate that we move forward with our plans to create a Development Centre in order to further our product development in anticipation of future market demand." DUALTag is a unique source-tagging product developed by KMA, incorporating the key elements of the two most popular Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technologies used by retail stores around the world. Manufactured through the use of a proprietary production line, DUALTag is available in a self-adhesive or a non-adhesive (insertable) format, and is capable of being applied at high speed to the inside of the packages of products such as Over the Counter (OTC) medications, Nutriceuticals and other food supplements, electronic games and accessories, computer peripherals, health and beauty aids and many other products, the DUALTag has become the source-tagging solution of choice for many products found on the shelves of chain drug, discount and grocery stores. DUALTag allows the brand owner to maintain just one version of each product in its supply chain rather than managing multiple inventories that differ only by the EAS technology for which they have been prepared. The company's patented NEXTag, a low cost sewn-in solution designed for all types of apparel including swimsuits, intimate apparel and jeans, represents the latest technology in source tagging and has experienced widespread adoption by apparel manufacturers throughout the world.About KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) labels for the multimedia, retail apparel, health/beauty aids, soft goods, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical industries. KMA provides low cost solutions for retail protection against inventory theft, offering customized labels that use a variety of patented formats to meet unique packaging needs. KMA's patent pending DUAL Tag(tm) is the only product available that combines the two leading EAS technologies in a single, high speed application to eliminate the need for multiple inventories and its patented NEXTag is the solution of choice for soft goods as a small, flexible non-woven label conveniently sewn into a garment at its manufacturing source. At KMA, our Business Mission is to constantly reinforce our industry leadership as a preferred competitive supplier in the timely delivery of superior, cost effective, source tagging products - all the time, every time. Learn More

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