Korenix extends range of GE Fanuc PLC Serial Bus

  • August 08, 2007
  • Korenix Technology
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August 8, 2007 - Via a pair of JetCon 2401-s serial fiber converters with single media mode, Korenix greatly extends the control range of Genius Serial Bus of GE Fanuc PLC control up to 40 kilometers @ 153.6Kb baud rate successfully. This is compared with the range of Maximum Length of twisted-pair Cable Run 7500 feet (2283m) @ 38.4Kb baud rate. During the communication certification test, two JetCon 2401-s units endure a heavy load of signal transmission of Genius Serial Bus protocol testing by wiring 22 GE VersaMax PLC units in multi-drop connection of Genius Serial Bus which being controlled by a GE Fanuc SERIES 90-30 CPU-364 module. Connecting the serial fiber network with two JetCon 2401 serial fiber converters in single media mode in between of GE Fanuc SERIES 90-30 CPU and the first VersaMax PLC unit, the serial signal propagation delays of Genius Serial Bus is measured in 440 nanoseconds with control signal running at 153.6Kb baud rate. The results of voltage attenuation and waveform distortion also meet the requirements of Genius Transceiver Electrical Specification. All the PLC control processes at GE VersaMax PLC ends have been well performed in sequence accurately. Vice versa at CPU end, it receives the signal delivery correctly from GE VersaMax PLC ends. Under the severe test environment, most serial fiber converter products on the market have been failed to deliver the correct signal or waveform of Genius Serial Bus with GE Fanuc PLC devices.Fiber network widely adapted in industrial control infrastructure In application of the public mass transport systems, industrial devices signal control and monitoring in tunnel, PLC data control with fiber extension capability has became the demanding requirement to extend the connection range for remote control. The serial fiber network delivers signal fast and accurately with the high noise immunity, high signal quality, long networking range and isolation surge protection. The JetCon 2401 serial fiber converter provides the most cost effective and reliable solution in combination with legacy RS-232/422/485 serial devices or with GE Fanuc Genius Serial Bus PLC devices to connect serial fiber network. About Korenix TechnologyKorenix Technology is committed in design and manufacturing industrial communications products, which can be used in various markets that requires high stability or for industrial field environments, such as POS, banking, telecom, transportation, industrial automation, energy, power, military, and medical fields.Korenix has 4 major product lines: JetNet Series Industrial Managed and Unmanaged Redundant Ethernet Rail Switch, JetCon Series Industrial Serial/Ethernet/Fiber Media Converter, JetCard Series Multiport Serial Card, and JetPort Series RS-232/422/485 3-in-1 Device Server. Korenix is committed to provide quality products to our customers. Various safety approvals, such as EMI, EMC, EMS, UL, cUL, are applied to all Korenix products. All Korenix products have 5 years global warranty through worldwide service centers. For customers’ specific application requirements, Korenix also provide tailor-made services. Korenix listens to customers’ voices, designs professional products, and provides comprehensive services to make Korenix a reliable partner for global users. Learn More

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