NAS and ISS win contracts with Johnson Utilities and Tharldson Development

  • December 10, 2007
  • National Automation Services, Inc.
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Intecon Controls, Inc. Announces Contract With Johnson Utilities Worth $890,000.00; Intuitive Systems Solutions, Inc. (ISS) Announces Contract With Tharldson Development for $142,000.00LAS VEGAS, NV - Dec 10, 2007 - National Automation Services, Inc. and Intecon Controls, Inc. located in Tempe, Arizona, which is being acquired by NASV this month, are pleased to announce the contract for Johnson Utilities Water Company in Queen Creek, Arizona. Intecon will design and implement a state-of-the-art control system located at Johnson Ranch's operations centre, including fifteen Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) panels at well and tank sites, over a high speed (50 megabit) 2.4 GHz Radios, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) and PLC Programming. Phase 1 of this contract is valued at $490,000, which will save the customer $270,000 by not using a conventional architectural & engineering firm. Phase 2 will focus on Johnson Utilities Wastewater Company, where Intecon will implement fifteen Remote Terminal Units and radios at mission critical sewage lift stations throughout the Phoenix area. These stations will tie into the existing SCADA system. Phase 2 is valued at $400,000.00. Future phases in the planning stages are for 92 more sites on both the water storage and pumping sites as well as wastewater lift stations and plants. Gross Margins on the first two phases of this project are estimated to be 30% In addition, ISS, a subsidiary of NASV, has been awarded a contract for the Las Vegas Timeshare by design Tharldson Development for $142,000.00 to design and install its building automation and controls system for this multi-story building being constructed on the Las Vegas Strip. ISS will develop the energy management control system designed to control the heating and air conditioning and lighting controls for the building making it compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency Green Building Program. ISS estimates gross margins on this project to be 35% Robert Chance, CEO of National Automation Services, Inc. in commenting on these contracts, stated: "We are very excited about the addition of Intecon Controls to our network that is being assembled throughout the U.S. This recent contract for Johnson Utilities fits in with our overall plan of targeting water and wastewater projects throughout the country, and is a very important part of our overall business and expansion plan. The second contract announced for ISS to automate this new development on the Strip in Las Vegas is also very important to our business strategy as the EPA has implemented a Green Building Program for new and existing buildings over 10,000 square feet in size. By installing this Energy Management Control System, the owner will use much less energy usually averaging between 20-30% in annual energy cost savings, thus helping the bottom line of the owner while saving the environment. We expect to receive several more contracts of this nature in the greater Las Vegas area as more structures are built that must comply with the new EPA guidelines. As with the waste water projects, we consider our ability to service 'green projects' to be not only a growth area for ISS and Intecon, but also an expertise that we can take nationwide throughout our pending acquisitions." ABOUT NATIONAL AUTOMATION SERVICES, INC. National Automation Services Inc. is a public holding company for specialized automation control companies located in the Southwestern United States. The Company presently owns 100% of the stock in Intuitive System Solutions Inc. ("ISS") of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since its formation in 2001, ISS has positioned itself as a leading system integrator and UL Certified panel facility. The Company has evolved to focus on two district lines of business. Each of these lines is linked to the foundation of the business -- integrated and automated systems controls. The Company currently focuses on: Industrial Automation and Control. ISS has an experienced staff of electrical and control engineers, as well as project managers, with over 80 years combined experience in industrial automation and controls. The Company's business is currently focused in Nevada, Arizona and Utah, but it intends to expand through internal growth and acquisitions into California, Texas and New Mexico and other western states during 2007 and 2008. From this segment of the business, ISS is projected to realize $4 million of gross revenues in 2007 and increase the gross revenues from this division to over $21 million in the next two years. As an example of the type of services provided by ISS in this division, a major national airline utilizes ISS extensively for automation projects at Las Vegas McCarren International Airport. Automation Manufacturing. The Company is a certified Underwriters Laboratories Panel fabrication facility. This nationally recognized regulatory body provides ISS with significant marketplace credibility for custom control panel assembly and fabrication to its clients. From this segment of the business, ISS is projected to realize $1 million of gross revenues in 2007 and increase the gross revenues from this division to over $4 million in the next two years NAS projects achieving gross revenues from ISS in 2007 of $2,544,094, with a net pre-tax income of $781,688 and $2.4 million from Intecon Controls with a net pre-tax of $480,345. Through an acquisition strategy that encompasses a minimum of one major acquisition per quarter, as well as through internal growth of ISS, due to its recently granted increase in licensing capacity to $2 million per project, the Company should increase gross revenues to $25,780,972 in 2008, with net pre-tax income of $16,190,755. With a total of 40 million shares outstanding the management of the Company projects earnings per share of $0.03 in 2007 and $0.27 in 2008. NASV AND "EYE ON AMERICA" NASV will be featured on the CBS program "Eye on America" throughout 2008. Robert W. Chance, CEO of National Automation Services, Inc. will be featured with Bryant Gumbel on a special "Rising Stars in Automation Controls" segment as part of the show's series "Eye on Technology" that will have 14 airdates throughout 2008. Learn More

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