PenTec Robotics combines two robot technologies

  • August 03, 2007
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August 3, 2007 - With its newly pre-developed robots, PenTec Robotics from Berlin, Germany, combines the advantages of both conventional robots and parallel kinematic structures. On the one hand, the mechanisms show characteristics of the popular SCARA, such as a small footprint and a large cylindrical workspace. On the other hand, they achieve high accelerations of up to 10g and high repeatability of 0,015 m by their light-weight parallel kinematics design.Two variants are available: A 5-axis mechanism allows to orient the end-effector by 30°-90° for non-even or demanding assembly and handling tasks, and can be equipped with an optional 6th axis at the endeffector. A 3-axis mechanism with an optional 4th axis achieves very short cycle times and is particularly suited for picking applications or end-of-line packaging in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry. The prototype, built in cooperation with the engineering firm and robot distributor Hisiar from Bologna, Italy, has a reach of 800 mm and a vertical stroke of 300 mm. The design of the machine incorporates further advantages: For example, workspace sizes can be varied by changing the low-cost struts while drive groups can easily be accessed and maintained due to their fixed mounting on the robot base. Moreover, the robot is statically balanced and can be moved manually.A first production license has been given to a leading Italian packaging machinery manufacturer. For the serial development and/or application of the robot in other fields, PenTec Robotics is looking for further partners. Learn More

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