Physik Instrumente gives $25,000 grant to Univ of VA for sensor research

  • August 27, 2007
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August 27, 2007, Auburn, MA & Charlottesville, VA - Andrea Lelli, Eric A. Stauffer and Jeffrey R. Holt, Department of Neuroscience, University of Virginia Medical School have won the $25,000 PI (Physik Instrumente) NanoInnovation Grant for a research proposal entitled "A Fast Mechanical Nanostimulator to Study Sensory Transduction and Amplification in the Inner Ear."Hair Cells & Mechanotransduction Hair cells are mechano transducers located in the sensory portion of the inner ear. They transform high frequency nanometric mechanical displacements into electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain. Many aspects of hair cell function remain unknown because biophysical studies of hair cell mechanotransduction have been limited by unreliable and slow methods for stimulus delivery. Nanostimulator Based on Fast Piezo ActuatorsLelli, Stauffer and Holt will build a nanostimulator using PI piezo actuators and a 3-Axis piezo nanopositioning stage (Nanocube) that can reliably stimulate sensory hair cells at frequencies up to 10 kHz with motions that range from a couple of nanometers to a couple microns. Problems with hearing and balance are the most common sensory deficits worldwide. Thus, this work will provide the foundation for understanding the normal physiology and the pathophysiolgy of the inner ear which will facilitate the design of rational strategies to treat inner ear dysfunction.About the NanoInnovation GrantThe $25,000 NanoInnovation Grant program was initiated to provide funding to North American researchers. Nanopositioning equipment is awarded to help the scientists reach their goals - developing innovative technologies, products or processes.About PIPI is a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and precision motion-control equipment for photonics, nanotechnology, semiconductor and life science applications. PI has been developing and manufacturing standard & custom precision products with piezoelectric and electromagnetic drives for 35+ years. The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and provides innovative, high-quality solutions for OEM and research. PI is present worldwide with eight subsidiaries and total staff of 450+. Learn More

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