ServoSoft adds more drives and motors to sizing program

  • November 20, 2007
  • ControlEng Corporation
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November 20, 2007 - The ServoSoft v2.8 release expands its database with over 300 x B&R ACOPOS and ACOPOS Multi drives and 8MS and 8LS motors, as well as an additional 736 x Alpha gearboxes for a total of 2120 Alpha products. Several new features were also added including enhanced Pxt and Ixt overload models, bleeder duty cycle vs power charts, as well as an enhanced interface for Windows XP and Vista.The latest refinements in the infeed (Pxt) and inverter (Ixt) overload models allow for a very precise modeling of infeed and inverter overload conditions in a wide range of conditions. The Pxt and Ixt models precisely calculate the heat rise and cooling decay equally well in sequences with quick peaks followed by long dwells, as well as in sequences with minor overloads for prolonged durations. The Pxt and Ixt overload models are one of many features not found in any other servo system sizing and selection tool.“Bleeder duty cycle vs power charts were also added, providing another level of detail in sizing bleeders and braking resistors. This enhancement allows for the more precise sizing of engineered resistor products such as Michael Koch GmbH resistors. This enhancement is yet another ServoSoft feature not found in any other servo system sizing software package.” says Christian Vardin, ServoSoft Product Manager. New help file pages were also added, including a useful design aid titled, “Guidelines for Sizing Cables, Filters and Fuses.” To help users get started using and understanding ServoSoft, there are several online tutorials that explore a number of ServoSoft’s powerful features.ServoSoft provides OEMs, integrators and motion control companies with the most powerful servo sizing software tool in the industry. ServoSoft sizes complete servo systems, not just a motor and inverter, but all components of a servo system including rotary and linear motors, gearboxes, couplings, drives, inverters, infeed, capacitor and bleeder modules, with 14 drive mechanisms and up to 20 axes in a shared bus or stand alone configuration.A 30-day Trial version is available for download, and is available in English and German. Learn More

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