SmartTCP automates welding operations at NPK plant

  • September 26, 2007
  • SmartTCP Inc.
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Farmington Hills, Michigan — September 26, 2007 – A SmartTCP Automatic Welding Solution has been installed and is running in NPK Construction Equipment, Inc.’s (NPK) new manufacturing facility to increase NPK’s production volumes of large weldments. The robotic welding solution, which is designed for complex fabrications in small batch production, combines hardware and software into a flexible and efficient welding cell that automates both the robot programming and the weld production of NPK’s high mix, low volume parts. “Our sales and production volumes of construction attachments were steadily increasing over the past few years and we found it challenging to keep up using our original manual weld process,” said Dan Tyrrell, president of NPK Construction Equipment Inc. “We needed to increase our weld capacity and as we conducted our research, it was apparent that there was a lack of adequate fast automatic programming options that would minimize our down time, until we found the SmartTCP Automatic Welding solution. It is the only comprehensive welding system that provided the ease-of-use, speed and quality we were looking for without sacrificing the flexibility that our welding operations require."The automated SmartTCP system helped NPK address the worldwide shortage of quality welding experts, save on labor costs and shorten welding times thereby significantly increasing manufacturing capacity and improving their bottom line. As one example, NPK saw the welding of one part reduced from 2 ½ hours using the manual method to a 30 minute weld time using the SmartTCP system. A new SmartTCP system is rapidly implemented and has a short learning curve. NPK’s system was installed in three weeks and the company went into production one week later, making it possible for NPK to start realizing its benefits in very short order. “NPK knew they needed to automate but with the company’s high mix low volume production line, conventional robot programming wasn’t an option as it was too time consuming,” said Efi Lebel, founder and CEO of SmartTCP. “SmartTCP’s hardware and software components create a system for small batch production that allows for extremely accurate, flexible and reliable robot welding at a much faster rate than other robot techniques being used today.”About NPK Construction Equipment Inc.NPK Construction Equipment Inc. was established in 1985 to serve the needs of the construction, demolition and mining industries of North and South America. Based in Walton Hills, Ohio, NPK was founded as a master distributor for Nippon Pneumatic construction products of Osaka, Japan. About SmartTCPSmartTCP is the leading supplier of automatic welding solutions for complex fabrications in small batch production. The SmartTCP robotic welding solution eliminates the need for expert welders, improves time to market, and increases production volume and quality. The gantry welding system is a turnkey solution that automates both the robot programming and the weld production and includes the hardware, software, installation, training and support during and after implementation. SmartTCP´s revolutionary software automates complex and tedious robot programming tasks. It creates accurate and reliable robot programming, making it possible for job-shops and manufacturers to optimize the fabrication of high mix low volume parts. SmartTCP was founded in 2003 and operates an automatic welding demo lab out of its U.S. headquarters location in Farmington Hills, MI. Learn More

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