'Twas the night before Last

'Twas the night before Last
'Twas the night before Last

'Twas the night before last and all through the site,
our visitors where browsing to get one last byte.
Thousands of gurus hit our dot com each day,
reading the automation happenings, play by play.

So much to explore, but where do you start?
Pick one of our portals and drill down to the heart.
Each portal is organized by topics that matter,
articles, news, and more, served up on a platter.

Along with these portals that archive the greatest,
we send out a newsletter that covers the latest.
For the anxious type who can’t stand to wait,
we offer live feeds for a real-time update.

It’s been almost a year since the portals were started,
we vow to continue down this path that we charted.
Now that the portals by product are ripe,
we contemplate organizing by industry type.

Now Safety! Now Process Control! Now Wireless!
On Motion! On Sensors! On Software and Fieldbus!
From the top of the site! To the bottom of the portal!
Now read away! Read away! Read away all!

Before you know it, the next year will arrive
I hope that both you and your company will thrive
And as for us, we will continue to grow,
becoming the web site that everyone will know.

Now in this season as we look back and reflect,
our success lies with the visitors with whom we connect.
We give thanks to our advertisers for all their support,
and appreciate our subscribers to whom we report.

Happy Holidays to all, to you we exhort!

About The Author

Rick oversees the Automation.com business, acts as Publisher and occasional Editor, and is responsible for all publishing activities, including website, e-newsletters and digital magazine.

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