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  • October 03, 2007
  • Weidmuller
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RICHMOND, VA (October 3, 2007) — Weidmuller Galaxy Software simplifies the selection process of RockStar rectangular connectors and over-voltage protection products. Software helps eliminate the common errors experienced when utilizing extensive online or hardbound catalogs for final product selection. Weidmuller Galaxy Software features an extensive range of functions, which ensure that users select and order the correct RockStar rectangular connector products for their application needs. Product Search/Cross Reference functions allow for word search, full text search or search by order number– all leading to the correct product, which is listed in configuration matrix for final selection. The search assistant enables product selections based on technical criteria including current, voltage, numbers of poles, connector type and more. Both individual components as well as configured component assemblies are placed in master Bill-of-materials file, saving valuable time during ordering process. And because Galaxy Software performs a continual construction check in the background to prevent incorrect component combinations, users can be confident they are getting the RockStar products they require for their application.Weidmuller’s complete RockStar rectangular connector catalog and the over voltage protection product catalog are both integrated into the software, providing users instant access to product overview information as well as detailed technical specifications. A list of links directs users to additional information such as ordering information, agency approvals, general product data and dimensions. Galaxy offers 3D views of the selected products or component assemblies with grid and zoom functions, print ability, data sheet generation, 2D, 3D CAD and data export functions. Galaxy Software is supported in five languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French) and operates on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista platforms. Weidmuller is the leading provider of solutions for the transmission of power, data and control signals in industrial environments. The company develops, produces and sells industrial electronics, network infrastructure components and connectivity solutions such as Industrial Ethernet, Relays, Power Supplies, I/O modules, printed circuit board connectors, terminal blocks and complete DIN Rail assemblies. The Weidmuller group has a strong international focus with manufacturing and sales locations in over 70 countries. Learn More

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