Wonderware Announces WonderWorld 2007 conferences

  • September 19, 2007
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LAKE FOREST, Calif., Sept. 19, 2007 - Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys, announced the WonderWorld 2007 global conference series, co-sponsored by Microsoft, which will begin this month in Cologne, Germany. The conferences will be held in 10 locations throughout the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia, and focus on breaking down the barriers to achieve operational excellence for manufacturers and other industrial operations by effective collaboration across operations, IT and engineering disciplines. Wonderware also will highlight new breakthroughs that can be delivered through the use of Wonderware software solutions, including the recently introduced InTouch 10.0 human machine interface (HMI) and System Platform 3.0 software.WonderWorld 2007 conferences will feature sessions from industry experts representing Wonderware, Microsoft and other key business and technology leaders that will offer insight on how to break down operational and technical barriers and achieve greater speed, efficiency, collaboration and innovation. Distinguished speakers at some of the events will include Mike Bradley Sr., president of Wonderware and Dr. Peter Martin, Invensys vice president of performance management, as well as selected Wonderware customers and partners representing a wide range of industrial automation and information market segments.Topics to be presented at the conference series are designed to provide business operations executives and managers, information technology professionals, automation and engineering personnel and Wonderware solution providers with vital information on how companies can optimize industrial, plant and enterprise operations. Attendees will learn how to achieve maximum efficiency and increase performance throughout the enterprise with the use of best industry practices and Wonderware's wide variety of information and automation software solutions, including InTouch 10.0 HMI, System Platform 3.0 software, application modules and the new Wonderware Compact Panels. "Wonderware is again offering a popular forum for customers and key partners to share important information on how to best approach the continuous drive towards operational excellence," said Mark Davidson, Wonderware vice president of global marketing. "Wonderware recognizes that operational excellence is not achieved through a single project or initiative, nor is it made possible by one portion of our customer's organizations. The WonderWorld 2007 conference is designed to provide each member of the operations team, from manufacturing and production executives and operations managers to IT professionals and plant engineers, with information that is specific to their role in achieving operational excellence. Attendees can participate in hands-on demos of the new InTouch 10.0 enterprise-wide HMI, considered by Wonderware to be the most important new software offering since the introduction of InTouch software in 1989. Innovative ArchestrA graphics combined with InTouch HMI legendary ease-of-use are designed to reduce costs associated with application development, large-scale deployments, unplanned downtime and personnel training.The conferences will offer new product updates, structured networking opportunities and detailed explanations of advanced concepts relating to optimizing production practices, improving plant and supply chain performance, increasing consistency and predictability, and eliminating costly inefficiencies. Participants will be able to attend a variety of breakout sessions that focus on industrial and manufacturing business operations, related information technology and plant engineering.WonderWorld 2007 conferences will be held at the following locations: Cologne, Germany (Sept. 25 - 26); Malmö, Sweden (Oct. 4 - 5); Warsaw, Poland (Oct. 9 - 10); Paris, France (Oct. 16 - 17); Seoul, South Korea (Oct. 23); Las Vegas, U.S. (Oct. 23 - 24); Caracas, Venezuela (Nov. 6); Buenos Aires, Argentina (Nov. 8); Beijing, China (Dec. 4); and Tokyo, Japan (Dec. 6). Learn More

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