Woodhead assembles Safety Networks Integration team

  • November 14, 2007
  • Woodhead
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November 14, 2007 – Lincolnshire, IL USA. - Woodhead Industries established a Safety Networks Integration team. This team will focus on helping device/component manufacturers take their products through the various steps (product development through to certification) required for use on an ISN system. The company offers protocol stacks, consulting services & product design as well as components & infrastructure products (cabling, I/O, connectors). These products and services will allow the device / component manufacturer to quickly bring their product to market.Manufacturing facilities are always looking for ways to streamline their operations, including lowering costs and maintaining production uptime. With the introduction of Intelligent Safety Networks (ISN), manufacturers are now investigating how to implement them, including the availability of compatible devices and components. ISNs bring multiple advantages over traditional separate control and safety networks. Infrastructure costs are significantly reduced by combining the wiring of the control and safety networks into one. Production downtime is decreased through better zone control and the elimination of false triggers in the safety zone. Integrating of control and safety code allows production lines to continue to flow in specific locations even when other areas may be shut down. Equipment and workers can be placed in smaller defined areas without sacrificing safety because the system is aware in real time of the status of the process. With the increased awareness and interest by manufacturers for ISN certified products, device / component manufacturers are looking for partners capable of helping them quickly integrate the ISN protocol into their own products. “Woodhead Industries, through its SST and applicom product lines, has long been known for its technical expertise in industrial networks. Intelligent Safety Networks is an extension of this making it a perfect fit for our product development team” explains Dean Donnelly, product marketing manager, industrial networks. For this reason, Woodhead Industries has assembled the Safety Networks Integration team. About Woodhead Industries, Inc. Woodhead Industries, a division of Molex Incorporated, (NASDAQ: MOLX AND MOLXA), is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide array of Automation and Electrical products engineered for superior performance in demanding, harsh, or hazardous industrial environments. Woodhead Industries "Empowers the Industrial Infrastructure" with innovative products and solutions that extend from mechanical, electrical and electronics, to communications/networking devices and diagnostic software. Woodhead Industries' Brad lines of Automation products include such globally recognized names as applicom, Direct-Link, mPm, RJ-Lnxx and SST. The Woodhead family of Electrical products include globally recognized names such as Aero-Motive, Daniel Woodhead, Watertite and Super-Safeway. Molex operates from 54 locations in 18 countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Learn More

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