Woodhead sponsors Univ of Waterloo’s Midnight Sun IX solar powered race car

  • October 15, 2007
  • Woodhead
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October 15, 2007 – Lincolnshire, IL USA. - Woodhead Industries, a division of Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX AND MOLXA), is pleased to be a sponsor of the University of Waterloo’s Midnight Sun IX solar powered race car team.As a sponsor, Woodhead Industries provided the team with Brad products which were integrated in this year’s Midnight Sun IX solar powered race car. “The team has a lot of success using the Brad products because of their durability, allowing the solar vehicle to operate under rugged environments like the Australian outback,” explains Johnny Yip, one of the team members involved with the design of this year’s car. Products used included BradConnectivity cabling for DeviceNet and 4-pole Micro-Change cables as well as Molex connector sockets. Midnight Sun IX uses DeviceNet for the on-vehicle network allowing devices such as the motor controller and the drive control unit to communicate with each other. BradConnectivity Micro-Change cables were used for low speed and analog signals including electrical connections for turn signal lights and the accelerator pedal. And finally the Molex connector sockets were used to build custom cable sets for board-to-board communication. Yip points out, “one great advantage is the product’s screw-in type connector. This provides extra robustness to our electrical connections when subjected to vibration on the road.” Johnny Yip, a computer engineering student at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), is one of 100 students who were involved with the design and construction of the Midnight Sun IX. Yip’s responsibilities included electrical manager and specifically working on the battery protection system.The Midnight Sun IX team will be participating in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge from October 21 to October 28, 2007 in Australia. The challenge is a 3,000 kilometer race that spans the Australian outback, starting in Darwin and ending in Adelaide.About Woodhead Industries, Inc. Woodhead Industries, a division of Molex Incorporated, (NASDAQ: MOLX AND MOLXA), is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide array of Automation and Electrical products engineered for superior performance in demanding, harsh, or hazardous industrial environments. Woodhead Industries "Empowers the Industrial Infrastructure" with innovative products and solutions that extend from mechanical, electrical and electronics, to communications/networking devices and diagnostic software. Woodhead Industries' Brad lines of Automation products include such globally recognized names as applicom, Direct-Link, mPm, RJ-Lnxx and SST. The Woodhead family of Electrical products include globally recognized names such as Aero-Motive, Daniel Woodhead, Watertite and Super-Safeway. Molex operates from 54 locations in 18 countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Learn More

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