Wurldtech signs agreement with Tegron and FluidIQs

  • November 15, 2007
  • News
Vancouver, BC, Longview, TX, Napa, CA - November 15, 2007 - Wurldtech Security Technologies announced a three-party cooperative agreement with Tegron and FluidIQs to develop and deliver advanced security solutions for the global industrial automation market.This agreement combines the full resources of Wurldtech’s Achilles security evaluation and assurance platform with design, development and integration services from Tegron and FluidIQs. “We are extremely excited to be working with leading industrial IT services firms, Tegron and FluidIQs,” said Tyler Williams, CEO of Wurldtech. “By leveraging their domain expertise and established relationships with various product vendors and software providers, we will be better positioned to help key stakeholders in the industrial automation sector to make informed decisions about their cyber-security challenges.”Under the terms of the agreement, Bryan L Singer, founder and co-chairman of ISA-99 Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security Standard, will assume the role of Vice President of Professional Services with Wurldtech. Mr. Singer’s role will be to explore opportunities by integration the unique expertise throughout these organizations to create next generation security solutions that improve the overall robustness of industrial automation and control operations; while providing measurable returns to business operations for organizations within the industrial automation markets.“We welcome this opportunity to collaborate with the Wurldtech team. Our partners in food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and power generation including fossil fuels and nuclear technology are recognizing that security is now a key component for all operators of critical infrastructure in the post 9-11 era,” said Steve Voeleke, CEO of Tegron. “Combining our proven track record in industrial IT and engineering integration with the security technologies and services from Wurldtech is a critical next step to further improve the security and robustness of industrial automation worldwide.” About Tegron, Inc. Tegron is an award-winning professional services firm with locations across the United States – from Ohio to Arizona, and from Minnesota to South Carolina. The company designs, develops, and commissions control and information systems for a variety of industries, including material handling, food, tire and rubber, automotive, water and waste water, forest products, oil and gas, semiconductor, and electric power. About FluidIQs, Inc.FluidIQs is a leader in the design and integration of instruments and control systems for water and wastewater agencies. Headquartered in Napa, California, the company has operations in Newport Beach, California, Salt Lake City, Utah, Las Vegas, NV, and Buffalo, NY.. FluidIQs is a registered member of the Control and Information System Integrators Association (CSIA), signifying industry recognition for its leading position in adopting and deploying best practices among its peers. FluidIQs has recently announced a strategic partnership with Revere Control Systems and Instrument Control Systems (ICS) called FluidIQs National that is focused on marketing to municipal design/build contractors, national design consultants and process equipment OEMs. About Wurldtech Security Technologies, Inc.Wurldtech Security Technologies, headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a leading provider of security solutions to SCADA, process control and industrial automation. Wurldtech has a proven track record in recognizing and responding to cyber-security threats; developed the industry’s first available controller certification program; and has certified the largest number of products from global suppliers of the systems used in the critical infrastructure. Wurldtech is committed to delivering breakthrough products and services that help protect global critical infrastructure and address the security needs of major industrial organizations and government agencies worldwide.

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