AirSprite joins ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute

  • April 10, 2008
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MARLBOROUGH, MA, April 10, 2008 - AirSprite Technologies announced its participation as a founding member of the ISA100 Compliance Institute. The Compliance Institute’s mission is to facilitate the creation and deployment of standards-based industrial wireless devices through a collaborative compliance program. The Institute will oversee specifications for design, development, independent testing, and overall process that will be required for certification of ISA100 Wireless Systems. Through collaboration between the founding members, ISA, and many other companies, the Institute is responsible for creating uniformity within the ISA100 certification process. The Institute will provide education and technical support to users and suppliers. “As a founding Institute member and active participant in the development of ISA100 wireless standards, AirSprite will strongly support the Institute in its role of ensuring standard compliance and interoperability for ISA100 products and systems,” said Paul Sereiko, President and CEO of AirSprite. “The Institute will be critical for rapid adoption of ISA100 by reducing the cost, time, and risk for users as they select and deploy wireless products and systems. Suppliers will benefit by cutting their time to market and lowering development costs by working with a single ISA100 compliance framework.” During 2008, AirSprite will work with the Compliance Institute as it moves forward with the following initiatives:
  • Development of test specifications for the ISA100.11a standard, which is the first member of the ISA100 family of standards
  • Development of test kits and support programs for supplier product testing
  • Licensing of compliance testers
  • Building brand awareness for the ISA100 standards and the ISA100 Wireless Compliance mark
  • Ensuring that ISA100 compliance activities are complementary with other industry organization initiativesISA100 is a family of wireless standards that will cover many different applications and business areas. ISA100.11a, the first standard to be released, will provide reliable and secure operation for non-critical monitoring, alerting, supervisory control, open loop control, and closed loop control applications. ISA100.11a will address wireless sensor networks in the operating plant environment.About AirSpriteAirSprite Technologies, Inc. is developing a line of standards-compliant, wireless infrastructure products for industrial automation that will deliver dramatic improvements in operational efficiency, plant utilization, and employee productivity. Designed to connect directly to installed instruments, AirSprite products unleash the powerful data that resides in intelligent field devices, integrating it with plant and enterprise applications. Learn More

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