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  • March 12, 2008
  • Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.
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St. Charles, IL - March 12, 2008 - Offsetting gloomy economic indicators, CBS Evening News reports a survey found 26% of U.S. manufacturers plan to add jobs between April and June. Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. is one of those manufacturers, having added over 50 new jobs in the last year, with a half dozen positions still to be filled. The fractional horsepower gearmotor manufacturer's products are used in everything from medical equipment to ice cream machines. Bison and its customers are experiencing strong growth despite foreign competition and reports of a looming recession.Job growth at Bison Gear is in high-paying skilled labor, the subject of the CBS Evening News series "Hard Times, Good Jobs" that kicked off with the Bison Gear feature. "The machine tools we use are about the price of a Ferrari," said Ron Bullock, owner and Chairman of Bison Gear. "So you need to have good computer skills if you're going to work in high-tech manufacturing today." As a result of Bullock's concern with the quality of secondary education and the shortage of skilled entry-level workers in manufacturing, in 2007 Bison Gear announced its Skilled Workforce Initiative. In the initiative, manufacturing leaders, educational institutions, economic and workplace development organizations came together to create a talent pool of better qualified employees with plans to offer long term stable employment. View the video of the March 11, 2008 CBS Evening News "Hard Times, Good Jobs" series featuring Bison Gear. View Video Here Bullock acquired Bison Gear in 1987 as a manufacturer of gear reducers with 70 employees in a 38,000 sq. ft. facility in Downers Grove, Illinois. Today, Bison is a fully-integrated manufacturer of fractional horsepower AC and DC electric motors and gearmotors with over 240 employees in its 115,000 sq. ft. St. Charles, Illinois headquarters.About Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. Founded in 1960, Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. designs and manufactures fractional horsepower electric motors, gearmotors and gear reducers used in industrial and commercial OEM applications worldwide. Bison's strong engineering tradition, based on Robusticity (TM) principles, offers products with up to twice as much torque in the same package size as competitors. Bison employs over 240 associates in its St. Charles, Illinois facility which produces gearmotors and reducers in parallel shaft and right angle configurations, as well as AC and DC motors, for applications where dependability and long lifetimes are important. Learn More

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