ILS deviceWISE 2.0 platform complies with Oracle

  • May 29, 2008
  • News
BOCA RATON, Fla. – May 29, 2008 – ILS Technology announced its compliance with Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center for plant-to-enterprise connectivity through its deviceWISE 2.0 platform. The deviceWISE platform will be used to collect data from automation equipment and factory floor devices. deviceWISE provides a high degree of edge processing which allows machines to distill data into real-time events and communicate directly to Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center, allowing users in the enterprise to monitor production and react to real-time events. With a direct conduit of information from operations, businesses can make more informed decisions that improve productivity and increase profitability.Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center is part of Oracle's overall "Information-Driven Value Chains" strategy for supply chain management, which helps companies maximize value by connecting and optimizing their supply, demand and design chains. It is designed to increase the visibility and alignment between shop floor and ERP systems by managing the real-time data flows between the two.“Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center represents Oracle’s latest endeavor to enable enterprise users to get better access to real-time shop floor information,” said Fred Yentz, chief operating officer of ILS Technology. “The deviceWISE 2.0 platform’s flexibility and scalability becomes a natural onramp for Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center. Working with Oracle allows our automation equipment partners and system integrators to be compatible with Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center, thereby accelerating the business value they can deliver to the end-user community. deviceWISE simplifies the connection between the devices and the enterprise domains and brings value to the industry. Oracle’s focus on real-time manufacturing event processing is likely to have a major impact in the manufacturing operations. We are pleased to be aligned with Oracle’s industry leadership in this area.”“Oracle partners with innovative companies that offer complementary technology to enable our customers to succeed with their business goals,” said Jon Chorley, VP of Supply Chain Strategy. “ILS Technology’s deviceWISE Embedded Edition platform enables leading-edge automation equipment vendors to natively connect to the Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center. In addition, deviceWISE Enterprise Edition allows a wide variety of plant floor devices such as PACs, PLCs and RFID readers to supply the enterprise domain with a continuous flow of data. Combined with Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center, we will allow manufacturing customers to monitor activity in real time and transform the data into valuable business information.”“Customers need effective ways to integrate the systems used on the plant floor with the technology used in the enterprise,” said Satoshi Takeda, Nagoya Works Controller Section Marketing manager, Mitsubishi Electric. “ILS Technology’s deviceWISE compatibility with Oracle points the way to a platform that provides cross-compatible connectivity. Specifically, our relationship with ILS Technology allows our e-F@ctory MX MES Interface IT solution to natively connect to the Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center. This simple direct connection enables unmatched power and flexibility in manufacturing. We look forward to supporting the Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center customers going forward.”“Manufacturing businesses need a growing volume of high quality information about operations to make customer commitments, react to market changes and manage global value chains,” said Bob Mick, VP Emerging Technology, ARC Advisory Group. “Oracle’s Manufacturing Operations Center addresses this challenge, and will be most effective when it can access any of the very diverse information that is stored in factories and plants. ILS Technology is providing Oracle customers with additional options for information collection with a focus on eliminating unnecessary software layers. Many customers will find this a fast and cost effective way to get at some of the hard to reach information stores.” Learn More

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