LXI Consortium announces first member from China

  • May 20, 2008
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Niwot, Colorado, May 20, 2008 -- The LXI Consortium has accepted RIGOL Technologies as the first member from Mainland China. RIGOL Technologies attended the Beijing LXI PlugFest in June 2007 and subsequently became not only the first Chinese company to join the Consortium, but, in February 2008, the first to certify an LXI product. The RIGOL DS1204B digital oscilloscope was certified within six months of the company's membership. RIGOL Technologies manufactures digital oscilloscopes, functional/arbitrary waveform generators, digital multimeters, and virtual instruments with LXI capability. "By introducing products with a new architecture within six months of joining, RIGOL illustrates how the global adoption of LXI is being accelerated by the simplicity of the LXI certification process," said Bob Rennard, President of the LXI Consortium. "It also illustrates how attending a PlugFest can facilitate the certification process by providing access to members who are demonstrating best practices, tutorials and presentations, and answering questions on how to build LXI test systems.""RIGOL Technologies is developing LXI instruments because customers have asked for a GPIB replacement and we feel that LXI is the next step in computer control of instruments for systems," said Jack Brand, General Manager RIGOL Technologies US. "We believe that our being a member of the Consortium gives our customers the confidence to use our products in their systems. As for how we accomplished being certified so quickly, we credit the dedication of our engineers as well as the staff at the LXI Consortium, whom we found to be very helpful."Introduced in 2005, the LXI Standard has been rapidly implemented by numerous hardware and software companies, as well as systems integrators. These organizations, which represent a who's who of the test-and-measurement industry, recognize that not only is LXI the natural evolution of the test and measurement instrument interface but that it also makes it easier for test system designers and integrators to create faster, more efficient systems. To date, almost 500 products have been certified as being compliant with the LXI Standard and annual sales of LXI-equipped test and measurement equipment now exceed $200 million (US).About LXI and the LXI ConsortiumThe LXI Standard creates new capabilities that optimize test throughput, overall system performance, and cost efficiency in a way that allows engineers to build powerful, web-enabled test systems in less time. The LXI Consortium, a not-for-profit corporation comprised of leading test and measurement companies, manages the Standard. The group's goals are to develop, support, and promote the LXI standard. LXI's flexible packaging, high-speed I/O, and standardized use of LAN connectivity address a broad range of commercial, industrial, aerospace, and military applications. Learn More

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