Curvaceous signs Coherent Technologies as U.S. agent

  • September 02, 2008
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September 2, 2008 - Curvaceous Software appointed Coherent Technologies, an engineering consulting firm specializing in the design and configuration of control and enterprise-wide information systems for industrial facilities, as its new US Agent.Incorporated in 1985, Coherent Technologies, Inc. is based in Palestine, Texas, USA, midway between Houston and Dallas. Coherent is a trusted resource for its clients, helping them identify technologies ready for commercial application and realize exceptional gains through their application.GPC is the wholly new technology for reduction of variability in process plant operations. It ranges from much better usage of existing plant history data through new methods for managing alarms and alerts and onto real-time control models of batch and continuous processes without maths. This technology is already in use by over 120 blue-chip companies in Europe and North America, who find its innovative methods are delivering a steady stream of process efficiency improvements.The advantage of GPC technology lies in the ease of extracting valuable process information from the process historians that people already have. It enables people who do not have mathematical background to visualize variability and see cause and affect relationships. Dr Robin Brooks, Managing Director, Curvaceous Software is also very excited with possibilities of further penetration of the American market. “We have existing clients from various industry sectors but we are looking forward to expanding our client database in North America.”Curvaceous Software holds patents centred around the novel Geometric Process Control (GPC) technology for process improvement, control and optimisation. Timothy Triplett, President, Coherent Technologies is enthusiastic about what GPC can accomplish for their clients. "GPC is an extraordinary technology which has many practical applications. We are excited about the opportunity to bring this new, innovative technology to our clients to give them a competitive advantage.” Dr Brooks says, 'It is great to see that more and more companies in the US are eager to use GPC to improve process efficiency and raise the benchmarks that were set using the conventional methods. Every improvement in efficiency makes products more saleable and reduces energy usage.' Geometric Process Control technology has won several innovation awards from prestigious professional bodies such as European Process Safety Centre (EPSC), the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), the Chemical Industry Association (CIA) and most recently the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). About Curvaceous Software Ltd.Curvaceous Software Limited is a technology company based in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, UK and is dedicated to improving the business efficiency of process companies worldwide through research, development and delivery of applications of their Geometric Process Control methods. Founded in 1998, Curvaceous holds numerous patents centred around the novel of Geometric Process Control (GPC) Technology for process improvement, control and optimisation. This process technology is offered to the consumer as a range of Curvaceous software products. Learn More

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