Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories uses Mu Dynamics analyzer

  • October 22, 2008
  • Mu Dynamics, Inc.
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October 22, 2008 - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) uses Mu Dynamics’ Mu-4000 service analyzer to reduce potential security and robustness vulnerabilities for SEL’s largest protection, control, and automation systems. SEL’s automated software development lifecycle (SDLC) combined with the Mu-4000 service analyzer accelerates the discovery, documentation and reduction of potential software weaknesses in SEL’s product portfolio that includes digital protective relays and automation equipment. In addition, SEL has selected the Mu-4000 to automate its vulnerability auditing and remediation processes throughout its product development lifecycle that spans product design, development and deployment phases, as well as product upgrades and patches. As a result, customers benefit from robust, high performance systems built and tested to remain resistant to unexpected weaknesses, system downtime and malicious hacker attacks."As a leading provider of the electric power industry’s application security, optimization and availability solutions, our global customers depend on SEL products to maintain the highest levels of system availability, reliability and proactive security," said Rhett Smith, security products development manager at SEL. "By leveraging Mu’s Service Analyzer throughout our product development cycles, our teams have a new and critically important capability to bolster our product reliability and design methodology to ensure SEL products and updates are ‘battle tested’ and secure well in advance of commercial shipment." Dynamically-Generated Industrial Control Service Level Traffic Variations Pinpoint Product and Service WeaknessesMu’s comprehensive solution streamlines SEL’s quality assurance test bed processes and lowers total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for additional, specialized security resources. As a result, SEL continues to accelerate its time to market for new product features while improving key customer metrics around operator uptime and device availability through the proactive service assurance of its mission critical products. Mu’s automated service assurance methodology determines any product’s response to unexpected service level traffic variations, processes, data, and access rights. As a result, potential sources of reliability, availability or security weaknesses that could disrupt service performance or cause product downtime can be detected automatically.SEL customizes the Mu-4000 for its product development, analysis and testing processes using dynamically generated and unexpected service level traffic variations. For example, applying millions of DNP and Modbus network traffic variations allows precise measurement of real-time SEL product performance. This repeatable and automated process ensures optimal application performance, as well as security and robustness readiness throughout SEL’s comprehensive product line. Mu’s extensive suite of Industrial Control service-level traffic is available over IPv4 or IPv6 transport. As a result, SEL is performing accurate and automated regression, trending and "negative testing.""There’s a real tug-of-war between business demands for ultra-secure reliable products and the competitive pressures on Critical Infrastructure product vendors to accelerate the introduction of new products and features," said Adam Stein, Mu Dynamics vice president of marketing. "In many cases, these have been conflicting demands. Savvy companies like SEL recognize its operator customers have no room for compromise or costly system downtime as tradeoffs for security readiness and product innovation. SEL’s integrated application of the Mu-4000 showcases the considerable advantages of automating service assurance throughout the product development lifecycle." About SELSEL serves industry worldwide through the design, manufacture, supply, and support of products and services for electric power protection, monitoring, control, automation, data encryption, and metering. SEL offers unmatched local technical support, a worldwide, ten-year product warranty, and a commitment to making electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical. About Mu DynamicsMu Dynamics proactively eliminates the high cost of service, application and network downtime. Mu's solution automates a systematic and repeatable process that identifies hard-to-detect sources of potential downtime within IP services, applications, and underlying networks. The award-winning Mu solution is deployed at more than 100 locations, primarily at leading global service providers, cable operators and network product vendors. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Mu is backed by leading venture capital firms that include Accel Partners, Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures and Focus Ventures. Learn More

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