Transpara Visual KPI compatible with Motorola's MOTO Q9h

  • September 02, 2008
  • News
September 2, 2008 – Transpara announced that Visual KPI is now compatible with Motorola’s MOTO Q 9h Windows Mobile 6 Standard, a full-function smartphone for individual, business and enterprise users. Visual KPI provides customers in the manufacturing and utility sectors with on-demand, business-critical operations data via any mobile or desktop web browser. Through a self-certification of Visual KPI on the Motorola device, Transpara provides asset managers with actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with critical business applications. “The MOTO Q9h, now distributed through AT&T, one of the largest channels in the U.S., has emerged as a proven mobile device for enterprise use,” said Michael Saucier, CEO of Transpara. “By extending our web-based application on more business-ready mobile devices, we are reaching countless decision makers within the enterprise environment. An integrated mobile solution that provides visibility into operations data, Visual KPI enables MOTO Q9h users to monitor performance, link operations and timely actions based on metrics, and align individual actions with business goals.” Visual KPI aggregates operations, financial and infrastructure information from multiple, existing data sources and delivers role-based, actionable KPIs to users via the desktop, laptop, or more than 250 mobile devices. The web-based software enables users to easily create and customize composite KPIs and scorecards without any additional programming, using information from any combination of existing data sources, including the OSIsoft PI System, Rockwell RSSQL, Invensys InSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SmartSignal, OLE DB and Web Services. Transpara’s Visual KPI on Motorola’s MC35 has already received SymbolPLUS Validated status through Motorola’s Solutions Validation Program and is one of only four business applications showcased for Motorola enterprise customers. About Transpara Corporation Transpara delivers Visual KPI, operations intelligence software that provides customers in the process and utility industries with role-based, actionable KPIs on any web browser. Visual KPI presents operating information from multiple data sources to users in context and on-demand, enabling timely, informed decision making from any location. By helping users throughout the organization to monitor their asset base, Visual KPI improves performance, reduces operating costs and lowers business risk. Learn More

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