Actelis and IVC deploy surveillance cameras over copper networks

  • April 13, 2009
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April 13, 2009 - Actelis Networks is collaborating with Industrial Video and Control (IVC), to provide IP-based surveillance and security networks over copper networks. The two vendors have been working closely to develop a single integrated IP-based surveillance solution that combines IVC’s IP-based video cameras with Actelis’ ML600 family of intelligent Ethernet Access Devices (EADs). IVC developed an IP-based camera that, when paired with Actelis’ ML600 system, significantly eases deployment, reduces operational expenditures, and provides more reliable and higher bandwidth broadband transmission over copper networks for advanced video surveillance. The joint solution is a major step forward for schools, municipalities, shipping ports, oil, petrochemical and pharmaceutical refineries, as well as military bases and other industrial sites where 365x24x7 security through video surveillance is paramount.“This new IVC product takes advantage of our ML600’s unique ability to deliver both power and data over the copper network,” said Eric Vallone, vice president of marketing at Actelis. “By leveraging power over Ethernet, Actelis’ ML600 system can power the IVC video camera, creating a complete solution that can be remotely installed and then operated in extreme temperatures as low as -29C degrees.”With Actelis, IVC can now offer quality, scalable IP video solutions across existing copper infrastructures. IVC’s enterprise-class software enables applications to easily scale from a handful of indoor and outdoor cameras at a single building to large networks of IVC’s IP-based cameras across multiple campuses. Deploying across Actelis-managed networks provides sufficient bandwidth to ensure high quality, high frame rate video. This represents a significant step forward for the video surveillance industry because it allows the latest camera systems to be deployed readily at industrial and commercial enterprise sites whose copper-based network facilities were installed decades ago for voice communications, but can now be revitalized to next-generation IP-based networks with fiber-like bandwidth and guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS). “By working with Actelis, our customers can take advantage of their copper networks and use IVC’s IP-based cameras and management software to view and store video from numerous, and potentially geographically scattered, cameras,” said Norman Fast, president and CEO of IVC. “This combined solution already has been deployed for traffic monitoring by several cities, including Citrus Heights, Elk Grove and Roseville in Northern California.”“Despite the video industry’s best efforts at data compression, deploying large, dispersed networks of surveillance cameras still demands considerable bandwidth,” said IVC’s Esler. “Newer camera sensor technologies strain the bandwidth demands further by dumping many megapixels per frame onto the network. Actelis Networks’ Ethernet over copper solutions clearly provide the high bandwidth required by the latest video cameras without the excessive expense of deploying fiber.” Learn More

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