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  • March 08, 2009
  • Intertech Incorporated
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March 8, 2009 - Manufacturers and machine builders seeking new ways to cut costs and increase throughput of test-intensive assembly operations can now obtain a technical guide discussing “Test-Centric Assembly” from InterTech Development Company, whose Testing Applications Lab is credited with both coining the term “test-centric assembly” and pioneering many of the methods and techniques outlined in the white paper. “Test-Centric Assembly” is best defined as the upfront consideration of real-world test requirements in test-intensive assembly operations that is proven to lower production line inefficiencies. The contents of the technical guide include: discussion of in-line vs. in-process testing; differentiating between defective parts vs. defective tests; differences in fixture design for testing vs. assembly; comparing generic vs. customized software for testing applications; and related cost-savings of various assembly & test techniques. Jacques Hoffmann, President of InterTech Development Company, comments, “There are common mistakes made by machine builders or manufacturers that do not understand the details of test processes and what is required to fine tune testing in the context of an assembly operation. Gauge R&R of test instruments does not equate or even correlate precisely with the Gauge R&R of the entire test & assembly operation, for example. InterTech’s Applications Lab routinely designs turnkey test & assembly systems that cut test cycle times by as much as 70%. This white paper discusses some of the principles involved in re-engineering for more efficient assembly & test operations without compromising testing integrity.”Click here to download the paperInterTech Development Company is a world leader in test-centric assembly and test specializing in automated leak and functional testing with 7 patented mass flow and hydraulic technologies, as well as, helium mass spectrometry (ISO-9001-2000 International Standards for Quality Management). InterTech Development Company-engineered solutions are used by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. InterTech Development Company’s worldwide support organization maintains offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. Learn More

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