Axiom Analytical publishes Guide to Spectroscopic Analysis

  • March 01, 2009
  • News
March 1, 2009 – Axiom Analytical announced a Technical Note, AN-923, entitled “A Beginner’s Guide to Spectroscopic Analysis for Industrial Applications.” This guide is intended to serve as a brief introduction to the diverse forms of molecular (or vibrational) spectroscopy as applied to both process development and on-line process applications. The goal is to provide the first-time user with the general information needed to make an initial selection among the various possible approaches to a given application. The guide provides a brief introduction to the four major forms of molecular spectroscopy, mid-infrared (MIR), near-infrared (NIR), UV-Visible, and Raman, and discusses the sampling methods applicable to each. A Table compares the attractiveness of each in the light of the band types involved, calibrations methods, optical materials, availability of fiber-optics, sample fluorescence, background radiation, referencing, and cost of ownership. An additional Table summarizes the applicability of the three major forms of molecular spectroscopy to specific sample types. A third Table assesses the applicability of each form of spectroscopy to clear liquids in the light of a variety of considerations such as the need for in-situ sampling, high temperatures and pressures, corrosive samples, need for functional group specificity, rapid survey, short production runs, thermal background, availability of an internal reference, and cost of ownership. A final section reviews the conditions favoring extractive versus in-situ sampling. . Learn More

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