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  • March 26, 2009
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March 26, 2009—Fluid Components International (FCI) announced that its applications-focused web site is now available in Chinese. The new Chinese web site www.fluidcomponents.cn is informative and easy to use. The web site will help Chinese speaking equipment designers, instrumentation, process control and plant engineers solve challenging flow measurement applications in air, gas or liquids. The company has also translated its comprehensive set of flow monitoring technical documents into Chinese. This knowledge has been developed as a result of over 40 years of solving the flow and level challenges of process and plant engineers worldwide. The searchable Chinese web site further demonstrates FCI’s commitment to be the global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for the most challenging requirements for sensing, measuring and controlling the flow and level of air, gases and liquids. “Our newly translated web site provides a rich source of flow and instrumentation information for our Chinese speaking customers and partners,” said Randy Brown, Director of Marketing. “The site enables Chinese speaking engineers and facilities/plant managers from the chemical, wastewater treatment, electric power generation (nuclear and coal-fired), food/beverage, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, pulp/paper industries among others, to locate the detailed information needed to solve their air, gas and liquid flow and level measurement applications,” Brown added. FCI’s products are requested by name in some of the world’s most demanding flow instrumentation environments. The company’s flow measuring technology and products are recognized for their precision accuracy and repeatability in harsh conditions, where their high performance ensures both end-product quality and operational safety. FCI offers a broad range of solutions from off-the-shelf devices to custom-engineered systems. FCI’s flow meters are designed with advanced thermal dispersion mass flow sensors. They combine precision flow measurement accuracy with a rugged design that is compatible with caustic, corrosive, humid and high temperature environments. FCI’s flow meters are highly reliable, easy to install, require virtually no maintenance and are designed for a long life. Fluid Component International’s flow switches feature an advanced no-moving parts thermal dispersion flow sensor making them ideal for many point-level process applications. Their versatile design also allows them to measure flow or level or temperature. The company’s NuTec flow switch is designed with a unique non-contacting flow element that completely separates the sensor from the process media, which makes it ideal in sanitary flow processes of the food/beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Custom designed flow and level sensors for OEM applications from FCI are ideal for use in a wide range of industrial equipment where monitoring, high/low alarming, metering, switching and totalizing are required. Ideal for gas or liquid applications, these devices feature advanced micro-electronics for direct mass flow measurement in a rugged, no-moving parts design that offers exceptionally high reliability and long-life. Flow conditioners developed by FCI’s Vortab Company provide a low-pressure loss solution to correcting flow profile irregularities that affect the accuracy of flow instrumentation. In today’s crowded plants, elbows, valves, blowers and other devices in the pipeline can disrupt flowing media, which reduces measurement accuracy. Vortab® flow conditioners eliminate these flow disturbances to ensure accurate data. All of the company’s products are tested and calibrated to rigorous standards at one of FCI’s world-class, fully NIST traceable flow calibration laboratories to ensure instrument accuracy with the customers’ actual fluid and process conditions. FCI’s calibration laboratories are ISO9001:2000 certified and AS9100 compliant. The company’s advanced technologies also include mechanical design, advanced materials, metallurgy, electronics, communications and more. Fluid Components International (FCI) is a global company committed to meeting the needs of its customers through innovative solutions to the most challenging requirements for sensing, measuring and controlling flow and level of air, gases and liquids.

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