Hannover Fair covers optimizing energy efficiency in industry

  • January 27, 2009
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January 27, 2009 - Necessity is the mother of invention: our expertise in matters hi-tech tends to increase as resources become scarce - and the balance is tipping in favor of expertise at lightning speed. If you want to know just which groundbreaking innovations in industrial automation will be shaping our lives over the coming months and years, then HANNOVER MESSE 2009 is the place to go. It's an industrial trade fair held in Hannover, Germany, and it's where the future is made.From technology at its most spectacular - unmanned flying robots spring to mind - to highly efficient solutions that are as easy on the environment as they are on the bottom line: with its great breadth of innovation, HANNOVER MESSE 2009 is arguably the world's most important technology expo.Strong trio of industrial automation tradeshows at one time and placeAt HANNOVER MESSE 2009, industrial automation is addressed by no fewer than three major tradeshows: INTERKAMA+, Factory Automation, and Industrial Building Automation. International experts representing every level of industrial and corporate interest will be on hand to show off their latest and greatest innovations and dispense solid advice on the state of the art in industrial automation. They will also be leveraging HANNOVER MESSE to reach target markets spread across all five continents.Energy efficiency: answers to key questions As one of the industrialized world's biggest consumers of energy, the manufacturing sector is uniquely positioned to make a major contribution to global CO2 emission reduction. To do this, it needs to implement energy-efficient processes and technologies as quickly and on as wide a scale as possible. The INTERKAMA+ tradeshow at HANNOVER MESSE 2009 is gearing up to make a contribution of global significance in this area via its "Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes" display. HANNOVER MESSE 2009 will identify and quantify the main areas of production in which energy use can be optimized and savings achieved. It will also demonstrate a range of fully developed, market-ready process automation products and technologies for realizing these savings. INTERKAMA+ feeds into all automation technology disciplinesINTERKAMA+, a top tradeshow specializing in process automation, owes its unique status and reach to the fact that it is part of the HANNOVER MESSE industrial trade fair. It is thanks to its multiple interfaces with allied automation technology disciplines at HANNOVER MESSE's other shows that INTERKAMA+ has become a top-billed event on the international process automation expo circuit. The show will remain true to this outstanding reputation in 2009. "INTERKAMA+ remains the definitive tradeshow for the process automation industry. It gives trade visitors an overview of the entire market and plots emerging trends," explains Thomas Rilke, in charge of the Automation section of HANNOVER MESSE. "INTERKAMA+ 2009 is all the richer thanks to an attractive program dedicated to 'Operational Excellence' in the INTERKAMA+ Lounge. Speaking events and panel discussions will give trade visitors ideal opportunities to learn from and network with fellow professionals."Keynote theme of Operational Excellence for the benefit of manufacturing industryThe INTERKAMA+ Lounge is located in Hall 7 at the Hannover Exhibition Center and is the venue for the INTERKAMA+ tradeshow's supporting events. In 2009, the lounge will be themed around Operational Excellence, providing visitors from the manufacturing sector with valuable insights into complex process automation and plant management issues. The lounge's array of expert discussions will focus on practical applications of the technologies on show at INTERKAMA+ and their benefits for manufacturing industry. With an enriching mix of information, discussions, practical demonstrations and opportunities for knowledge-sharing and relationship-building, the INTERKAMA+ Lounge will be of major appeal to process automation decision-makers from around the globe. Learn More

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