House approves NEMA premium motor rebate program

  • May 21, 2009
  • News
May 21, 2009 — The House Committee on Energy and Commerce has approved an amendment creating a NEMA Premium motor rebate program. During committee work on the House of Representative's climate change legislation, Representatives Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Mike Ross (D-AR) offered an amendment to incentivize the adoption of NEMA Premium motors. The amendment, which is nearly identical to an amendment the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee adopted last month, incentivizes the purchase of NEMA Premium motors by creating a federal rebate program. This amendment approves $350 million to provide $25 per horse power rebate for NEMA Premium motors. This provision also provides a $5 per horse power rebate for the proper disposal of the inefficient, non-NEMA Premium motors."Representatives Tammy Baldwin and Mike Ross recognize the importance of making our country energy-efficient, while listening to the needs of their constituents," said NEMA President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis. "Congresswomen Baldwin represents Wisconsin's Second Congressional District, and Congressman Mike Ross represents Arkansas' Fourth Congressional District. Both districts house America's major motor manufacturers, and these two representatives have identified their district's needs and have taken the necessary steps to address them."NEMA is the association of electrical and medical imaging equipment manufacturers. Founded in 1926 and headquartered near Washington, D.C., its approximately 450 member companies manufacture products used in the generation, transmission and distribution, control, and end use of electricity. Learn More

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