Innovations in Electrical Connectors by Remke are Driven by Manufacturing Advances

  • February 25, 2009
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Technology has without a doubt improved manufacturing equipment, with advances that further automate production, reduce downtime and limit human error.  While these innovations have made machinery better in countless ways, not all of the individual components have kept up.

For instance, the small electrical connectors that join high-voltage power cables to that equipment can cause big issues. Old-fashioned connectors, still hardwired on many machines, are made with materials that are neither conducive to harsh operating environments, nor configured optimally.

To get the most from cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, the electrical connections that keep it running must be top-notch. If they aren’t, downtime and labor costs can quickly eliminate any additional profit from new, advanced equipment.

Remke has created 2 innovative solutions that help manufacturers improve the Return on Investment for new equipment.

The first innovation is the materials used in electrical connectors. Molded rubber or silicone connectors (also known as Quick-Disconnects) are very durable, and solve many of the ‘wear and tear’ problems of traditional materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.  Silicone is ideal for extreme temperatures and whereabsolute reliability is needed for severe environments.  Rubber connectors are best for flexibility and resistance to abusive environments in broad temperature ranges.  For extra durability and easy maintenance, rubber and silicone connectors can be used with multiple port distribution boxes.

The second innovation by Remke is the ability to create short-run, custom electrical connectors made of any material.  Historically, custom-created connectors are hard to find, and those that do exist are expensive. So,manufacturers continue using standard-stock electrical connections to keep costs down. But this can add expense in the long run because the connections aren’t optimized for the conditions or equipment they run. This means more maintenance and an increased possibility of downtime for repairs.

Remke’s short-run, custom electrical connectors solve problems at the individual application level. Manufacturers’ shouldn’t have to fit machines with the small selection of stock electrical connectors supplied by the huge vendors. Custom-connectors can mean the difference between down-time and profitability!

A great example of how Remke increased the profits of small manufacturer is the case of Jernberg Industries, a division of HHI. They manufacture highly-engineered, forged parts for the automotive industry, many of which are heat-treated.  Remke helped them reduce downtime by 85-90% using custom connectors. 

Remke helps manufacturers of all sizes to reduce downtime and increase profits with custom-created electrical connectors, cord connectors, cord grips and molded connectors in short production runs with the Remke Flexible Solutions Center.  Learn more about how Remke can solve your connection problems at

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