MTConnect Institute seeking new members

  • May 19, 2009
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May 19, 2009 - The MTConnect Institute, a newly established organization that seeks to promote manufacturing system interoperability, seeks new members to assist in developing and promoting the standards and materials required to fully implement MTConnect.The development of MTConnect, an open, royalty-free standard, began in early 2007. It is a means of improving the ability to collect data across manufacturing technologies that addresses interoperability between controls, devices and software applications and is similar to what has been achieved in the information technology arena. MTConnect seeks to develop standardized communication protocols that ultimately will allow devices, equipment and systems to output data in a common format that can be read by any other technology that is using the same standard.Membership in the MTConnect Institute is open to any individual, company or organization interested in participating in the MTConnect implementation. Four levels of membership are available: Founding Sponsor, Institute Partner, MTConnect Institute Technical Advisory Group (MTCTAG) Member, and Registered Member. Each level of membership provides different levels of benefits within the institute. “The aim of the MTConnect standard is to utilize existing open standards such as XML and HTTP to provide a common means to communicate with manufacturing equipment and enable the development of capabilities in new and existing technologies not currently achievable,” said Paul Warndorf, Vice President-Technology at AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology. “This in turn will permit providers to enhance their product offerings that address opportunities to better improve manufacturing efficiencies and productivity.”AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology (founded in 1902 as the National Machine Tool Builders' Association) supports and promotes the U.S. machine tool industry. The association provides U.S. builders of manufacturing systems with the latest information on technical developments, trade and marketing opportunities, and economic issues. It also gathers and disseminates information about world markets, promotes its members' products in those markets, and acts as a representative on manufacturing technology matters to governments and trade organizations throughout the world. Learn More

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