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  • February 03, 2009
  • Endress+Hauser, Inc.
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February 3, 2009 - Applicator software meets engineering requirements in the fields of level, pressure, flow, temperature, analysis and registration. The Selection module comprises the Endress+Hauser product range with more than 600 components. Customers enter their measuring point parameters and receive a reliable selection of suitable products. They are compared in a chart which provides an optimum overview to enable the easy selection of the right product. The Sizing module makes calculations lucid and reliable - and now the Sizing Diaphragm Seal module has been implemented. Diaphragm seals permit pressure transmitters of various designs to be adapted to the most adverse applications. The prime purpose of diaphragm seals is to separate pressure transmitters from the process medium whilst allowing pressure variations to be precisely transmitted to the sensing element. For example, very corrosive process media require such a separation since the thin membrane of the sensing element of the transmitter may be attacked. In some applications the process temperature is beyond the operational limits of the transmitter. The process medium is not uniform or of high viscosity or crystallizes or polymerizes. Any of these medium properties prohibits the direct exposure of the pressure sensing elements to the process. Diaphragm seal systems are used in about 30% of all pressure measurements throughout almost all process industries. Diaphragm seals transmit the process pressure hydraulically to the pressure-responsive element. A flexible diaphragm separates the pressure measuring system from the process medium. The space above the thin metallic diaphragm is filled with a suitable transmitting liquid, usually oil. Pressure transmitters may be mounted either directly on the diaphragm seal or at a distance by means of capillary extensions. Capillaries not only permit remote installation but also isolate the transmitter from high temperatures or heavy vibrations of the process. A diaphragm seal system constitutes a self-contained and hermetically sealed arrangement. Diaphragm seal materials with their thin membrane should be carefully selected in considerations of the corrosive effects of process media and temperatures involved. A wide variety of transmitting oils is available to permit the selection of a suitable liquid not only in consideration of compatibility with the process medium, but also with respect to legislative provisions. The most commonly used oils can handle temperatures from -70°C to +400°C and special process media such as foods, flammable fluids, or oxygen. Although the principle is simple, the performance of diaphragm seals may be influenced by many contradicting factors. The design of the best possible solution with respect to the accuracy of measurements must take all aspects into account and determine the exact interdependence of the respective process data and the properties of the chemical seal. Apart from the quality of individual components, the performance of diaphragm seal systems strongly depends on the optimum interaction of critical parameters. Among others, these are the ratio of working and control volumes, temperature and pressure induced variations of the filling oil, shape and physical size of the assembled system components and last but not least the performance of the transmitting liquid under all occurring process conditions. An experienced instrument engineer may know the diaphragm seal system design which can perfectly do the job. However, the optimum solution is only found by a systematic evaluation of all aspects which is ideally done on a computer. Endress+Hauser has developed Applicator, a software program that permits the immediate incorporation of all relevant transmitting oil parameters including common seal models and the physical properties of seal couplings - Applicator Sizing Diaphragm Seal. Applicator is a comfortable selection and design tool to determine and select the best product for a respective measuring task. During the planning process, you obtain a selection of suitable products and diaphragm seal systems by entering specific application parameters. The Sizing Diaphragm Seal application presents pressure measurement solutions using diaphragm seals for level, differential pressure and process pressure applications. After entering your process parameters, the application calculates the measurement performance thus finding the optimum solution and pertaining transmitters including the order code. A sketch of the application is displayed for level arrangements using capillaries. The software offers you the possibility of printing all of the information and data calculated during the design phase. Endress+Hauser Applicator is available free of charge via the Internet for direct use or on a CD-ROM. Please contact your local Endress+Hauser sales office for a CD-ROM version. The Endress+Hauser Group Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. With over 8,000 employees worldwide, the Group generates annual net sales of more than 1.1 billion euros. Structure Company-owned sales centers and a network of partners guarantee competent worldwide support. Production centers in eleven countries meet customers’ needs and requirements quickly and effectively. As a successful family-owned business, Endress+Hauser is set for continued independence and self-reliance in the future. Products Endress+Hauser provides sensors, instruments, systems and services for level, flow, pressure and temperature measurement as well as liquid analysis and data acquisition. The company supports customers with solutions and services in automation engineering, logistics and information technology. Our products set standards in quality and technology. Industries Customers are primarily from the chemical/petrochemical, food & beverage, water/wastewater, life science, oil & gas, energy, primaries, pulp & paper and shipbuilding industries. Endress+Hauser supports its customers to optimize their process engineering procedures while taking into consideration reliability, safety, economic efficiency and environmental protection. History Founded in 1953 by Georg H Endress and Ludwig Hauser, Endress+Hauser has developed from being a specialist in level measurement to a provider of complete solutions for industrial measuring technology and automation, with expansion into new territories and markets. Learn More

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