Rockwell Automation to supply ISaGRAF v5 to OSI

  • April 27, 2009
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation
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April 27, 2009 - ISaGRAF announced that Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) selected ISaGRAF v5 for the new Automation Control Platform (ACP) option on their innovative and versatile OSIRIS Secure RTU. OSIRIS (OSI Remote Information System) is a remote information and metering unit with built-in security features for secure communications for critical utility operations over serial or IP-based connections. This makes it ideal for the communications, oil & gas, electric power, and water industries. Powered by ISaGRAF v5, the new ACP option provides OSIRIS users with full IEC61131-compliant programmable logic functionality and an intuitive application development environment. About ISaGRAF 5 ISaGRAF 5 is the world’s first commercially-available IEC 61499 automation software. It offers unparalleled functionality and benefits by incorporating both the IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 standards. Using ISaGRAF 5, any field device manufacturer has the ability to turn their equipment into an IEC 61499 product. For example, intelligent flow meters can act as a regulator and control a valve while being part of an integrated distributed control system. About the Automation Control Platform Option for the OSIRIS RTU The ACP provides OSIRIS users with powerful, easy-to-use programming and configuration tools, as well as support for all five IEC61131-3 programming languages; Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart and Instruction List, plus Flow Chart. The ACP also includes powerful editing and debugging tools, which reduce downtime and facilitate programming. The ACP allows processing of data and events from/to any connected device. With the ACP, the OSIRIS delivers value and unprecedented control and monitoring functionality in a compact RTU thanks to its current protocol conversion/data concentrator functions, exceptional communications capabilities and direct-wired analog, status and control I/O points. About ISaGRAF – A Rockwell Automation Company ISaGRAF – A Rockwell Automation Company, with offices in Canada, the U.S., and France, is the world’s leading automation software partner. The company’s flagship product ISaGRAF is fully compliant with both IEC 61499 and IEC 61131 industrial standards, as confirmed by TÜV Rheinland, and can be used to build a variety of automation products including embedded µcontrollers, PAC, PLC, DCS, RTU, CNC and motion controllers. ISaGRAF sustains a high level of standardization, integration and communication within modern automation systems, resulting in high-end, real-time open control systems with crash-proof reliability, powerful performance and flexibility. Learn More

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