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  • April 06, 2009
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April 6, 2009 - Rugged notebooks can be used for a variety of applications, such as data acquisition, equipment testing and communications security, etc. In various kinds of harsh and hostile environments, rugged notebooks can be seen acting as unfailing mobile computing platforms. According to certain authority, the global market size of commercial notebooks is expected to reach US$7,500,000,000, 10% of which will be accounted for by rugged notebooks; non-military market will grow rapidly and account for 60% of all sales of Rugged notebooks. For example, there will be rocketing demand from such fields as petrol, geophysical exploration, transportation and communications, etc. With 16-year experience in IPC technology, EVOC devotes itself to delivering best security protection, excellent quality and customized products meeting varying needs from all kinds of customers. In early 2009, EVOC JNB-1401 Rugged Notebook was released. This product features wide temperature, waterproofness, dustproofness, salt fog resistance, anti-vibration and anti-drop performance, portability, ruggedness, powerful mobile computing capability, adaptability to harsh environments, high reliability and stability. The outstanding production technology for this product has passed rigorous MIL-STD-810F(US Military Standard) and IP (computer protection level) test, meeting the needs of people in special industries to carry out special tasks. This product marks the latest achievement and trend for the development of military rugged notebooks. 1. A notebook which can be used in the rain.Waterproofnes and dustproofness are essential to military notebooks. Many military notebooks are not affected by rain, snow, fog, sand storms, or water pouring down on them. Adopting special waterproof keyboard, sealing materials and waterproof membrane, EVOC JNB-1401 can prevent any liquids from entering PCB. Even if the notebook is powered on, it is still impervious to water and dust when immersed in them. Adopting a resistive waterproof touch pad, EVOC JNB-1401 still can be used no matter how much water accumulates on it. In addition, all its core computing parts are completely independent of other parts. With unique waterproof design and special sealing materials, all the ports and interfaces are well-protected from any kinds of liquids and dusts. Its unique unwatering system helps achieve its all-around waterproof capability even when powered on.2. Wide temperature design ensures normal operation in extreme temperature environments.EVOC JNB-1401 can be operated normally within a temperature range of minus 20 to 55 Celsius. For many notebooks, batteries stop discharging when the temperature reaches below zero; while EVOC JNB-1401 can withstand extreme low temperatures due to its unique power supply and cooling design. Specially treated battery of EVOC JNB-1401 can be charged and discharged in extreme low temperature, so the notebook can be normally powered on or off. High temperature is another challenge for military notebooks. How to cool down is a big problem for notebooks with full-sealed and fanless design. EVOC JNB-1401 adopts Intel low power CPU with high performance and exceptionally low heat generation. The heat generated by Northbridge and other chips is efficiently dissipated through the back cover made of magnesium alloy which does not run hot.3. Anti-drop design becomes a basic feature. Military notebooks can be used anywhere, from hot and windy desert to freezing cold plateau; from high altitude or even outer space to underwater or marshy places; from bumpy road to more complex terrain. Therefore, most military notebooks adopt unique materials and designs to achieve waterproofness, dustproofness, extreme temperature resistance and anti-drop performances. For notebooks, accidental drop is inevitable, especially for military notebooks. Once the notebook breaks down or data are lost, the consequences are very serious. EVOC JNB-1401 remains intact after dropped from 0.92 meters high to the cement ground. With shock absorption design, the impact on the notebook can be reduced to 83%. This effect is mainly a result of systematic protection and overall design specifically tailored to the components of various importance and characteristics. Firstly, EVOC JNB-1401 adopts all-magnesium alloy case with web-shaped stiffening ribs, which greatly enhance the anti-pressure, impact resistance and vibration absorption, and effectively prevent the impact from reaching inside of the notebook. The specially designed shock absorber is made of high damping materials which have been used by US submarines. The materials have high damping capabilities, resistance to extreme temperatures and ideal effect for shock absorption. In addition, the tough rubber corner bumpers have greatly improved the shock absorption of the notebook case. 4. Three-dimensional data protection and security technology.Three-dimensional security system is realized by special design of chipset, hard disk and identity recognition. Apart from capabilities of withstanding harsh and hostile environments, security performance of military notebook has received more and more attention in recent years. EVOC JNB-1401 adopts multi-layer security measures to consolidate the security system. Firstly, it adopts TCM chip(optional) and 2048-bit encryption, achieving chip-level security. This is extremely important for the army and this is also what other manufacturers simply do not have. EVOC JNB-1401 can also provide fingerprint recognition (optional). Modern warfare is increasingly dependent on information. In a warship or an aircraft, it’s very dangerous to use a notebook with high EMC compatibility, which not only affects other devices, but makes the information susceptible to enemy interception. Therefore, military notebooks have an increasing demand for EMC compatibility. In order to prevent electromagnetic emission and information leakage, EVOC JNB-1401 adopts anti-EMC design, special architecture of motherboard and chassis, and overall shield for all components inside the chassis. In addition, all ports, hard disk cartridge, CD-ROM Drive and cell box are specially sealed to guard against electromagnetic interference. Military notebooks also give full consideration to the data security. Some of them adopt self-destruct device, which is capable of destroying the data when a danger occurs. The hard disk cartridge, CD-ROM Drive and cell box are independently installed and can be quickly assembled or disassembled. When emergencies occur, the user can pull out the small hard disk cartridge in two or three seconds.5. Rich expansibility.To meet the needs of customers for expansibility, EVOC JNB-1401 is designed with unique Docking Port. With the Dock, the notebook is expandable to two PCI interfaces, two PCI-E interfaces (or one PCI-E interface and one PC-104 expansion slot), two USB ports, two COM ports and one parallel port. Learn More

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