Flow Line Options sensors monitor Smart Fuels Biodiesel Refinery

  • November 18, 2009
  • Case Study
November 19,2009 – Flow Line Options supplied Smart Fuels LLC (Smart Fuels), an alternative energy company, with a range of process measurement and control solutions that will be used to run Smart Fuels' new biodiesel facility in Fruitland Park, Florida. The refinery is expected to be operational by 2010 and will produce ASTM certified biodiesel fuel from recycled, used vegetable oil and fats.Smart Fuels has installed Flo-Corp's MEMFlo volumetric flow meters and MFT two-wire flow transmitters to accurately monitor the flow rate through the heaters and calculate the amount of oil going to the processor. In addition, Smart Fuels has installed EchoSafe ultrasonic level transmitters to determine the amount of fluid within the tanks. Finally, Smart Fuels has installed CalFlo SwitchGuard flow and temperature switches for added process protection. Collectively, Flo-Corp's technology should increase efficiency at the refinery, resulting in higher quality fuels.The plant will soon produce ASTM certified biodiesel or B100, as well as a variety of fuel blends, including B2, B5, B10, and B20 for use in any biodiesel engine. Smart Fuels is aiming to provide their products and services to commercial customers, fleet customers, government, petroleum blenders and distributors, power generation customers, and the general public."We appreciate the opportunity to share with others how pleased we are with Flow Line Options' products and services," said Michael Carlton, vice president of Smart Fuels Florida. He further explained that, "Flow Line Options certainly has a superior product to several competitors and the customer service in my opinion, has been some of the best." "We are uniquely positioned in the alternative fuels market as a complete measurement equipment company. Our technology and experience provides a total solution, whether you're a food service provider with a reuse grease tank that needs measurement and control, a call for service recycle transport company or a full biodiesel refinery and blender," said Dave Grumney, president of Flow Line Options Corp. "Flo-Corp will execute the best practice against your system supply opportunity." About Flow Line OptionsIncorporated by the State of Ohio in 1988, Flow Line Options began as a small distribution company and has evolved into a leading manufacturer and supplier of flow and level instrumentation. In 1999, Flow Line Options expanded to the Web to provide their services globally. Even with the company's rapid growth, Flow Line Options continues to maintain a small business attitude and commitment to its customers. About Smart Fuels FloridaSmart Fuels Florida LLC, a division of Smart Fuels LLC, based in Boston Massachusetts is an alternative energy company that refines and markets American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) D6751 biodiesel from a variety of feedstocks such as animal-derived fats and vegetable-based oils. Smart Fuels LLC is a voting member of the National Biodiesel Board. Learn More

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