PLCopen in Windpower Applications

  • June 24, 2009
  • Case Study
PLCopen member Beckhoff is applying PLCopen standards compliant controllers to wind power applications. Beckhoff demonstrated these wind power solutions at WindPower 2009, Chicago May 4 -7, 2009 and Beckhoff's worldwide wind power expert was present to answer questions. Beckhoff illustrated their capabilities with the application of Beckhoff controls in the new 2 MW converter from DeWind AG, Germany, also known as the D8. The new DeWind Type D8 wind power converters utilize a new controller design based on Beckhoff Industrial PCs, TwinCAT automation software, and Bus Terminal technologies. Functions include complex electronic control for operation, diagnostics, and remote data monitoring. A Beckhoff C6220 Control Cabinet Industrial PC running the PLCopen certified software performs all control tasks of the D8. Around 200 I/O points distributed over the nacelle and the base of the tower are passed through the Bus Terminal system to the PC controller. The real-time requirements of the system for general control and regulation lie in the range of a deterministic cycle time of 10 ms; for power feeding and monitoring task, the time is around 1 ms. The electric power mains network monitoring and the link to the frequency converter located in the base of the tower are implemented via CANopen. The Bus Terminals are here connected through optical fibers the Industrial PC located in the base of the tower. Dewind wind power experts used the Beckhoff TwinCAT software to develop applications in the IEC 61131-3 open standard software. Learn More

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