POSITAL encoders certified for IRT by Profibus

  • September 30, 2009
  • POSITAL - Fraba Inc.
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September 30, 2009: POSITAL announces that their OPTOCODE rotary encoders with PROFINET IO interfaces are now certified for IRT (isochronous real-time) data transfer protocols. The certificate – an industry first for this class of device – was issued by Profibus/Profinet International (PI), the organization responsible for the PROFINET protocol suite. The encoders also support RT and NRT (real-time/non-real-time) data transfers. “OPTOCODE encoders con-nected to PROFINET IO networks with IRT can provide extremely fast response, with cycle times as low as one millisecond” reports Christian Fell, General Manager of POSITAL. “This combination can be used for the most critical motion control and industrial automation applications.” Setup of these devices is straightforward: unit parameters are set via the control system with the use of a GSDML device file to enables easy configuration while a bootloader enables the installation of firmware updates via FTP. Existing Profibus systems can be easily migrated to the PROFINET IO, since the device profile management has been retained. An integrated switch automatically recognizes crossover or standard Ethernet cable connections. The physical characteristics of these devices also make them easy to work with. The encoders are compact (only 58 mm in diameter) and don’t require a connection cap, terminating resistors or switches for address allocation. Like all OPTOCODE encoders, the PROFINET IO models use a proven opto-electronic scanning method that provides a resolution of 16 bits per revolution. Multi-turn versions can register up to 16,384 revolutions (214), for a total measuring range of 30 bits. OPTOCODE encoders operate without backup batteries and instantly report current absolute position values, even after startup or power failure. They are available with special casings for demanding environments such the food or pharmaceutical industries, explosive atmospheres and mining applications. About POSITAL POSITAL is part of FRABA Inc., the North American sister company of FRABA GmbH, a highly specialized manufacturer of sensors for automation, motion control and safety applications based in Cologne, Germany. The company belongs to the FRABA Group which dates back to 1918, when its predecessor, Franz Baumgartner elektrische Apparate GmbH, was established to manufacture relays. Today, the group consists of six independent companies that develop and produce advanced industrial sensor technology and safety equipment.  

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