HMC Products uses Grace Thru-Door Ethernet Switch

  • March 16, 2010
  • Grace Engineered Products, Inc.
  • Case Study
HMC Products - a Rockford, Illinois company specializing in the manufacturing, servicing, and training of packagers, fillers and case cutters - uses Grace Engineered Products' E5 Thru-Door Ethernet Switch on its line of Pouchmaster machines. The E5 is mounted on the outside of the panel, thereby enhancing compliance to NFPA 70E. Jeff Berg, HMC's chief design engineer, explains choosing the E5 GracePort is, "due to NFPA 70E requirements, opening up the door is no longer an option to program machines. Grace's programming ports offer an easy and clean solution to this safety problem. Also as our horsepower requirements have increased due to different films and packaging materials demanded by customers, our servos have had to increase in size, reducing the space available in the cabinet. The E5 GracePort with the Inside-Outlet GFCI provided the perfect solution to free up 25 square inches of space by moving our din-rail mounted Ethernet switch and GFCI to the front." Berg also noted positive customer reaction to their use of this innovative product, "Our customers appreciated our efforts to make using our machines safer and more user-friendly while providing a clean professional look. This product shows modern engineering leadership, making our machines a step above the competition." Grace Engineered Products is a leading innovator in the realm of electrical safety devices. Their line of Thru-Door convenience safety interfaces, GracePort, has an infinite number of combinations including the E5 Ethernet Switch which brings Ethernet test and diagnostic capabilities Thru-Door for programming and troubleshooting convenience while eliminating required din-rail mounting space. All GracePorts are built after the order is received according to their customer's precise specifications and, in most cases, are shipped within 3-5 business days. All data ports are clearly marked as to their function and there are no quantity minimums or maximums when ordering. Learn More

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