Mesh network supports data center energy efficiency system

  • February 03, 2010
  • Case Study
February 3, 2010 ─ Dust Networks announced that their wireless sensor networking technology is being used by Federspiel Controls. Continuous cooling is critical for data center integrity, but the typical cooling system is highly inefficient. Federspiel Controls provides enterprise energy management systems that utilize sophisticated artificial intelligence technology combined with a wireless mesh network of temperature sensors enabled by Dust Networks’ SmartMesh system to continuously monitor and adjust temperatures. Since all of the wireless sensors can run on batteries for years at a time, the system is especially well suited for retrofitting existing data centers without interrupting day-to-day operations. Typical installations take hours instead of weeks, and the highly reliable, ultra-low power wireless sensor networks are virtually maintenance-free. Results for such installations have shown total energy usage and costs reduced by up to 25%. "Dust Networks’ SmartMesh provides us with the secure, reliable and ultra-low maintenance wireless sensor network we need to monitor and control the environment inside a data center," said Mark Housley, CEO of Federspiel Controls. "With Dust as our strategic partner, we are able to focus on developing the energy management software and systems to drive energy efficiency, knowing that the communications challenges are solved." "Data centers currently represent 1.5% to 2% of total U.S. energy consumption, with ground being broken on new facilities every day," said Joy Weiss, President and CEO of Dust Networks. "We are pleased to partner with Federspiel Controls as part of a solution that reduces energy consumption in a key sector of the economy and we are excited that they have chosen Dust Networks for their wireless network system."Working with the Department of General Services for the State of California, Federspiel Controls will use the DOE grant to automate the cooling systems at twelve of the state’s data centers. Part of Governor Schwarzenegger’s Green Building Initiative to reduce the state’s energy usage 20% by 2015, Federspiel Controls expects to reduce energy usage in these facilities by 25% in 2010.About Dust Networks Inc. Dust Networks, the leader in standards-based intelligent wireless sensor networking (WSN), provides ultra low-power, highly reliable embedded systems to OEMs in a wide range of markets. Dust Networks enables OEMs to offer monitoring and control solutions that provide unprecedented access to information from the physical world, resulting in improved operations, safer work environments, and increased competitive advantage. Dust Networks partners with industry and standards groups, such as the HART Communication Foundation, to ensure the broad adoption of interoperable wireless sensor networking products. About Federspiel Controls, Inc. Federspiel Controls Inc. is the leader in closed-loop enterprise energy management systems for data centers and large, commercial buildings. Since its start in 2004, the company has pioneered the application of advanced, artificial intelligence technology to the real-time demands of energy usage, delivering significant reductions in operating costs and increased reliability. Federspiel is a privately-held firm located in the technology corridor of San Francisco’s East Bay and is committed to green energy solutions that make for a more sustainable planet. Learn More

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